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The Best Time to visit Ladakh

The Best Time to visit Ladakh

Most traveler want to know the best time to travel Ladakh. Ladakh is all year round destination depending upon the individual interest for the place. People who love snow and ice can choose to travel in peak winter starting from November to february. Ladakh is the northpole of India. You can experience the winter ice lake trek of Chadhar in winter.

Ladakh being located in high altitude, majority of people love to travel in Summer starting from June to September. This time of the year show case the mounatins greeneries, blooming of rhododendrons, wild flowers and animals along the route. Temperature are also very favorable at this time of the year.

You can fly to ladakh anytime of the year but if you choose to travel by road then Manali-Leh highway which is the only means to reach Ladakh remains non-functional. Although, there is another route, that can be used to reach the place, the Srinagar-Leh highway, it can get affected with landslides as well.

Moreover, it is during summers that you can enjoy the entire setup of the place in totality. Said to be a dream destination for most of the people, Ladakh comes across to be a worth visiting place for the travellers. Be it the splendid set up showcasing snow covered mountains well blended with alluring valleys and lakes, Ladakh is sure to touch your chord at its best. Beautifully displaying the sights of the splendid field of valleys and slopes adjoined with the relishing knowledge of perseverance via the spectacularly beautiful neighborhood, this place calls to endure you with the best experience. 

However, the land of Ladakh has its own charm in the winters as well. This is the reason why many people, especially the truly adventurous ones, seek to visit the place when it is blanketed in snow. The Frozen River Trek, which is also one of the most famous and unique treks, is also carried out in winter, upping the excitement quotient in the travellers to visit Ladakh during this harsh but glorious period.
Check out some more amazing best places to visit in Ladakh before you plan your trip.

Which Places can you visit in Winter (September-February)


Below 0 Degree (minimum most recorded temperature here is -23 Degrees)


During the winters the temperature steadily drops from September (5 Degrees to -21 Degrees) to January (-2 Degrees to -14 Degrees ) and then gradually rises again. The weather is pleasantly chilly at the early phase (September-October) of the season, with cold winds blowing in the evenings. The latter phase of winters (November-February) can be extremely unbearable with temperatures dipping violently, making it impossible to enjoy your stay. Temperature in Kargil during this part of the season can drop up to -50 Degrees!

Why to visit now

Winter calls to be the time when you can relish the beauty and adventure of trekking through one of the best ice lake treks in the world known as the Chadar Trek. Moreover, you are also sure to relish trekking over the solidified and grand Zanskar River, which is highly loved and cherished by the travellers. Only the early phase of the winters are good for travelling to the place. This period is ideal for many great and popular treks in Ladakh including the famous Frozen River Trek or the Zanskar Valley trek. The period from mid of January to March is however best suited for Chadar trek.


Many remarkable festivals fall during the wintertime in Ladakh. These prominently include Spituk Gustor, Stok Monastery Festival, Dosmoche, ThiksayGustor, Matho Monastery festival and Ladakhi Losar. While the ones falling in summers are shadowed by tourist crowds and photographers, attending these winter fests are sure to give you a glimpse into the lives and culture of the locals like none other.

Know Before you visit

Ladakh sees very sparse crowd of tourists from November to February due to heavy snowfall in the area. This is also the reason why many trekking routes too are closed down at times. Also, be prepared for frequent power cut in this season. Hence, book some amazing Ladakh Tour Packages online here with Excursion to Himalayas. We are very flexible on our itinerary and have excellent local guide to give you the best of Ladakh.


The extremely low temperature and high altitude can cause AMS or common cough and cold. Hence, it is good to be prepared with necessary precautions such as multiple layers of warm clothing, necessary medicines and taking enough fluids. You can take oxygen at oxygen bars if experiencing dizziness and headaches, which is common due to the high altitude. Carry a 1000mAh power bank and several spare batteries, as the cold tends to drain out batteries quickly.

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