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How to Reach Bhutan?

How to Travel Bhutan?

Traveling to Bhutan involves specific procedures due to the country’s commitment to preserving its unique culture and environment. Here’s a general guide on how to travel to Bhutan.

  1. Choose a Licensed Tour Operator:

    • Bhutan requires all visitors to use the services of a licensed Bhutanese tour operator.
    • Select a reputable tour operator with experience in organising trips to Bhutan.
  2. Plan Your Itinerary:

    • Work with your tour operator to create a customised itinerary based on your interests and the duration of your stay.
    • Bhutan has a daily tariff that covers accommodation, meals, transportation, and a licensed guide.
  3. Obtain a Visa:

    • Bhutanese visas are issued only to tourists traveling with a licensed tour operator.
    • Your tour operator will handle the visa application process on your behalf.
  4. Confirm Your Trip:

    • Once your itinerary is finalised, confirm your trip with the tour operator and make necessary payments.
    • Bhutan has a minimum SDF of USD100 per person per night to be paid to Government, and the payment is usually made in advance.
  5. Book Flights:

    • Book your flights to Paro International Airport, the only international airport in Bhutan.
    • Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the two airlines that operate flights to and from Bhutan.
  6. Arrival in Bhutan:

    • Upon arrival at Paro International Airport, you will be greeted by your guide and driver.
    • Your tour operator will handle all logistics, including transportation and accommodation.
  7. Explore Bhutan:

    • Enjoy your Bhutanese experience with visits to cultural sites, monasteries, festivals, and outdoor activities.
    • Follow the guidance of your licensed Bhutanese guide to ensure a culturally respectful experience.
  8. Departure:

    • At the end of your trip, your tour operator will assist you with the departure process.

Important Note: Bhutan’s tourism policy is designed to promote sustainable and high-value tourism. The Sustainable Development Fees helps fund education, healthcare, and infrastructure in the country.

It’s essential to plan your trip well in advance, as Bhutan has limited tourist capacity, and flights and accommodations can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. Always check for the latest travel regulations and consult with us for personalised assistance.

Only Airport in Paro

Flights to Bhutan

Paro International airport is the only airport in Bhutan.

Travel Bhutan by Flights

Delhi Paro Delhi

Kolkatta Paro Kolkatta

Kathmandu Paro Kathmandu

Travel Bhutan by Roads

Travel Bhutan by Roads.





Things to Know before you visit Bhutan

Things to do in Bhutan

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  • Cultural Tour
  • vibrant Festival Tour
  • Textile Tour
  • Honeymoon Tour
  • Fishing Tour

Adventure Tours

Bhutan Birding Tour Itinerary

Bhutan Birding Tour

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Cultural Tours

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Locals during paro festival

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Luxury Tours

Bhutan Honeymoon Tours

Festival Tours

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Jambhay Lhakhang Festival

Thimphu Festival

Thimphu Festival Tour 2024

Trekking Tours

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