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Festival Tours

The majority of Tibetan festivals are deeply religious in nature. Joining local Tibetans in joyful cultural celebrations is the best way to learn about authentic Tibetan culture and history. From the wild celebration of Saga Dawa festival at Mt.Kailash to the grand display of Thangka at Shoton festival and rarely-seen Tibetan drama performance during Tibetan New Year, we will take you right into the heart of these thrilling Festivals.

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Cultural Tours

Tibet Cultural Tours offer Meeting pilgrims and monks on their way to Buddhist monasteries and the Dalai Lama's seasonal palaces conjures up images of life in Tibet before the modern world arrived.
Local cultures and religions have merged over time to form a distinct and endearing Tibetan culture in this special highland environment.
Tibet, the seemingly isolated sacred land, has preserved much of its cultural heritages that have not been eroded by modern civilization due to its unique geographical environment.

About Tibet

Why Choose Tibet?

Tibet serves as China’s main gateway to South Asia as it borders India, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, and the disputed Kashmir region.

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