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(Greetings) from Bhutan, Excursion to the Himalayas.

Find the best Bhutan Tour Packages in the heart of the Himalayas. Bhutan is protected by the complex geography of high mountains and deep valleys, Bhutan is certainly one of the most mysterious countries in the world to Travel. The intriguing yet profound tale of the transformation of this traditional kingdom makes the Bhutan visit more attractive. Without losing out on its traditional norms and values while embarking on a modern course of development in the last half a century, Bhutan has been both a story of sustainable and progressive development in harmony with its natural environment.

Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan is one of the untouched and pure natural reserves in the world. It is the only country that is carbon negative and pollution-free landlocked between two of the economic giants which are India and China.

We have Bhutan Tour packages starting from a 1-day tour to 21 days of cultural exploration. Check all our Cultural and Trekking Packages for Bhutan.

Responsible Bhutan Tour Operator

In the present circumstances where climate change is the greatest issue and human existence is at stake, Bhutan Tour pledges and is doing all the possible tasks to fight against it when Global Warming is now an accepted universal “Inconvenient Truth,” the need to preserve, conserve and respect the air we breathe. We don’t just talk about sustainable development and ecological preservation as a future goal, but we already practice it with full force.

Bhutan Travel with its wide altitudinal and climatic range, the flora and fauna are diverse and rich with 300 species of medicinal plants, 46 species of rhododendrons, and a wide range of animals in the jungles of Bhutan.

Travel to Bhutan to enjoy the great variety of bird species. It is recognized as an area of high biological and is known as the East Himalayan ‘hotspot’ situated and it is the hub of 221 global endemic bird areas. We have 670 species of birds and the numbers could still go up. Bhutan is considered a Birding paradise for BIRD Lovers.

Whether you are looking for a day hike or a month’s adventure, Bhutan has it all. Bhutan Tours creates numerous advantages in terms of natural resources, health, peace of mind, and mesmerizing essence. Deep valleys with gorges and swift rivers make it practically one of the healthiest and most peaceful Tours in the world. Those of you who love trekking in Bhutan should know that it summits as high as 5500 meters with spectacular landscape and breathtaking mighty mountains.

Bhutan Tourism Policy

The country’s tourism policy states that all tourists coming to Bhutan have to pay $250 a day in peak season and $200 during the lean season which includes meals, transport, and accommodation to visit the country of 750000 people who focuses on putting happiness before economic growth and being carbon negative. The daily tariff is mandated by the Government of Bhutan.

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How to get into Bhutan?

vehicle-iconBhutan By Flight

*Flights from Bangkok to Paro
*New Delhi to Paro Flight
*Kathmandu to Paro direct flight
*Kolkatta to Paro flight
*Dhaka to Paro Flight
*Bagdugra to Paro Flight
*Singapore to Paro direct flight

vehicle-iconOverland Journey to Bhutan

*Enter from Phuntsholing
*And from Samdrupjongkhar eastern Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Guide

  • Bhutan’s weather and climate
  • History of Bhutan
  • Culture and tradition of Bhutan
  • Road map
  • Bhutan Travel Tips

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