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Nepal in April

Nepal in April

April is perhaps the most popular month for travel in Nepal, with prime weather for outdoor adventures at any altitude. The most popular trekking routes are at their best and busiest—you’ll need to book well in advance to secure your spot on the trail. While you won’t have the country all to yourself, you’ll find that this is peak season for good reason.


Best Things to do in Nepal in April:

Trekking: Trekking is the most famous thing to do in Nepal in April. Nepal is home to some of the most spectacular treks in the world. Ranging from classics like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit to beautiful Mustang Trek. Nepal is home to worlds most trekking attraction.

White River Rafting: White water rafting is most famous in Kathmandu and Pokhara regions of Nepal.

Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumping in Nepal: When it comes to adventure, one should go bungee Jumping while visiting Nepal. Unlike Paragliding, Skydiving, Whitewater rafting, trekking you obviously should give it at least one try. The popular Bungee Jumping takes place in Bhokosi River

Bungee Jumping is the kind of adventure where you don’t have to take special training, nor do you have to prepare. You just have to book your jump and simply enjoy the bungy trip.

Everest Mountain Flight: For all you non-expert-mountaineers, there is a way for you to get up close to the Himalayas, including Mount Everest without having to hike or climb: Everest Mountain Flight Tour! There are a few airlines offering the Everest flight tour from Nepal’s Kathmandu airport. Buddha Air had positive experiences feedback from the clients who took the flights.

Rock Climbing: There is a number of natural rock climbing sites in Nepal. Nagarjun cliffs: Nagarjun climbing sport is the nearest natural rock climbing site about 3km away from Thamel (tourist center) in Kathmandu. This sports site is located inside Nagarjun Shivapuri National Park on the western side of the valley.

Best Places to visit in Nepal: Nepal is in the first place of the most beautiful country in the world, Kathmandu. The UK’s Travel Guide Book has published a list of the 10 most beautiful countries in the world for tourist destinations.

Mustang: If you are running short of time during Nepal tour still looking for an enchanting place to visit, then the sterling beauty of Mustang is the best one you shouldn’t miss out.

Dolpo: Remote, wild and famed in lore from Peter Matthiessen’s, The Snow Leopard. Dolpo is the legendary region of Nepal, situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri ranges. The entire district was once closed to trekkers when the southern part of Dolpo was opened to organized trekking groups. This stunning and isolated region has less then 5000 residents spread across the vast landscape, and most all follow a Bon Buddhsit tradition.

As a first time offering for Alpine Ascents, we expect basic lodging and food, but a fully supported and portered trip. On our 16 day trek we pass through ancient villages, trekking routes and the chance to spend some time with people in local villages. We also cross a few high Himalayan passes and enjoy the vast and tranquil beauty of Phoksundo Lake. The trek also takes us across the centuries old Trans Himalayan Trade route. The trek indeed takes us into the “wild west” of Nepal of attractive for those with an explorers spirit.

Island Peak in Nepal: Island Peak is situated in the Everest region of Nepal, on the Nepalese – Tibetan border. Island Peak is an extension of Lhotse and Everest. The ridge line drops off Lhotse and right onto the summit of Island Peak.

Nagarkot: It is known for a sunrise view of the Himalayas including Mount Everest as well as other peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. Nagarkot also offers a panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley. The scenic beauty of the place makes it a very popular hiking route for tourists.

Kathmandu: Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. At the heart of the old city’s mazelike alleys is Durbar Square, which becomes frenetic during Indra Jatra, a religious festival featuring masked dances. Many of the city’s historic sites were damaged or destroyed by a 2015 earthquake. Durbar Square’s palace, Hanuman Dhoka, and Kasthamandap, a wooden Hindu temple, are being rebuilt. You can visit all this place during your visit to Nepal in April.


Top Trekking tours in Nepal in April

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Annapurna Base Camp trekking is moderate trek even though it has various obstacles. This trek is not too strenuous. It has some sort of difficulties like steep and rugged trekking trails, walking over the stone stairs, continuous walking of 5 to 6 hours per day.

Everest Base Camp Trek: The difficulty level of the Everest Base Camp is moderate. The trekking time often requires two weeks. Even though the EBC Trek requires no prior trekking expertise, it is suggested that the trekker should be determined and be physically fit.

Langtang Valley Trek: This beautiful trek (from Kathmandu back to Kathmandu) includes ten days trekking in the stunning Langtang region of Nepal, which is the closest National Park to Kathmandu and requires no internal flights to reach it. The area is renowned for its beautiful cedar forests and flowers and jaw dropping views of soaring Himalayan peaks including the mighty Shishapangma which is one of the 8000 metre peaks, Manaslu Massif, Ganesh, Langtang and Jugal Himal. Langtang is often described as the most beautiful valley in the world and our trip includes an amazing initial few days reaching the valley via the Tamang Heritage Trail. The Tamang trail is relatively young having been opened in 2004.

Upper Mustang Trek: The Upper Mustang Trek is all about exploring the hidden world of the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Mustang. It can’t get much more remote. Due to its inaccessibility, Mustang has long been protected from mass tourism and is now known as the last bastion of traditional Tibetan culture.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: The Manaslu Circuit trek is a stunning 13-day journey (18 days including travel and days in Kathmandu) which treks around the world’s eighth highest mountain, beginning in the busy market town of Soti Khola, going up and back along a different path, ending in Syange.

Weather in Nepal in April: Nepal in April is beautiful because of the weather conditions.

This time of the year has the warmer temperature but sometimes hazy views.

Throughout April, mornings are clear and sunny in the mountain regions. But, the weather also often changes rapidly in the mountains.

The temperature is mildly warm at lower elevations and the moderate above 4000m.

In the mountains, the temperature is warmer and might go up to 20+°C during the day. During the night time, the temperatures might range from 5-7°C.

Weather conditions fluctuate as you go up or down in altitudes. Likewise, it also varies according to the trekking route. The base camp and the high passes might have extreme weather conditions.

During this time of the year, weather remains clear with very fewer chances of rainfall. You will get crystal clear views of Himalayas which make trekking in Nepal perfect time to visit.

Where to Stay in Kathmandu?

Traditional Comfort Hotel is a relaxing oasis in Kathmandu. Staying here is the perfect respite after a lengthy and adventurous trip around Nepal. The ambiance and decor inside make you feel relaxed the instant you walk through the doors. It is gorgeous with meticulous details from the woodwork to the sheets which are locally made. The breakfast is incredible and the dinners are delicious with a home-made and attentive touch.

Hotel Mulberry: Hotel Mulberry is tucked away in a quiet corner in the center of the most popular Kathmandu neighborhood for travelers: Thamel! The hotel is gorgeous and clean. Upstairs it has an infinity pool on the roof, a fitness center on the top floor, impeccably clean and other state-of-the-art amenities.



Is it good to visit Nepal in April?

April is hot and sunny on Nepal’s plains and temperatures in the mid 30s are not uncommon. At higher altitude regions, the mercury hovers round 20°C and conditions for trekking are ideal. Rain is always a possibility throughout Nepal in April, with the monsoon just around the corner, and the skies can be quite hazy.

Is April a good time to trek in Nepal?

Spring is considered one of the best seasons to trek and climb in Nepal, not only because of the weather but because of the gorgeous growing landscape.

Is April good time to visit Kathmandu?

Another good time to visit Kathmandu is in March and April as the temperature steadily rises and spring steps in. During this season, rhododendrons bloom, spreading across the whole valley, giving it a beautiful, mesmerizing look.

How hot is Nepal in April?

April is the hottest month in Kathmandu of the whole year. The average daytime temperatures are around 30°C (86°F) whereas the average minimum temperatures are about 12°C (54°C).

How cold is Everest base camp in April?

Everest would drop to -15°C at night. And the daytime temperature is around 4°C to 7°C. The wind is strong, and the air is dry. It is a harsh environment at this time for many visitors.

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