Travel in Bhutan to witness its rich history, charming architecture, centuries old culture and customs, unadulterated forest cover and immaculate landmarks, it is a flat out must visit Nation while encountering perhaps the rarest festivals on earth.

What separates traveling to Bhutan from other nations?

In Bhutan, prosperity and progress are measured by the satisfaction of the citizens. Instead of Gross domestic product, it is the Gross National Happiness index that impacts strategy making and governance. Visiting Bhutan is pure as Bhutan holds the distinction of being the only carbon negative nation on the planet. This is a great title to hold. Obviously you don’t hear much about Bhutan because Bhutan follows “low volume and High impact” tourism policy where the country bars the backpacker and Independent traveller.

Travel in Bhutan

Secret Temple and Tiger nest Hike


Bhutan travel becomes more credible and worthy as Western impact is at an absolute minimum. It is difficult to imagine that only 50 years ago, Bhutan didn’t take part in the world. There were less than 20 vehicles, the United Nations hadn’t recognized it as a country and it had never been attacked or colonized; remaining free from western influence and it is perhaps one of the youngest democracies on the planet.

Bhutan is no ordinary place for you to miss the opportunity to explore this secret hidden Kingdom.

Our Tour of Bhutan starts from a day hike to 21 days wild eastern Bhutan Journey. We are best tour operator in what we do. Check our Bhutan Tours with best reviews and cost friendly packages.

Guide welcoming guest with white khadhar at Paro International airport

Guide Bijay welcoming guest with white khadhar at Paro International Airport.


Bhutan rich culture and tradition have always attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world. This small Himalayan Kingdom located between two giant nation have preserved its thousands years of history. Shrouded by mystery and magic, Bhutan offer a unique experience for its visitors, to explore and to be one with the pristine nature.

15 days Wiki tour of Bhutan

This journey of Bhutan will take you deep into the Country to explore the beautiful valley of Gangtey, Trongsa and Bumthang. The highlight of the tour is visit to magnificient Trongsa Dzong the country largest Dzong and remote Ura village excursion.

View More Details Here

Quick Bhutan Tour (3N4D)

This is quick travel to Bhutan. If you do not have enough holidays from your work place this tour is right for you. The package gives you enough impression of the country to visit again. The journey covers the main capital City and Khamsumyulley Namgyel Hike in Punakha.

View More Details Here

Essential 5 Days tour in Bhutan

Whether you’re searching for a holiday with friends or nice vacation then don’t skip this beautiful spot if you don’t have long vacations.Get the most out of it in your quick break. View More Details Here

6 Days Bhutan Travel

An opportunity to explore the renowned western,central and spiritual valleys of Bhutan during your Bhutan Travel. Visit the temples, monasteries and fortresses. Watch the ever-changing scenic beauty of Bhutan’s forests and the Himalayan peaks exude the luxury of a luxurious four-wheel drive.Enjoy the most beautiful and captivating experience of your life. View More Details Here

7 Days Bhutan Journey

Drive through the high mountain passes and travel through rapidly shifting habitats from pine trees to hills lined with rhododendrons, magnolia and dwarf bamboo – rich with birds and wildlife. The centerpiece of this Bhutan trip is the time spent visiting the spectacular Phobjikha Valley, the winter home of the extraordinary Black-Necked Cranes.View More Details Here

Punakha Tour

The Majestic Punakha Dzong, Tour the winter capital of Bhutan.


Paro Festival Tour

Paro Tsechu is one of the most visited festivals in Bhutan. With dances performed in stunning masks and costumes by trained monks and laymen. Tsechu (festivals) is one of the best ways to experience the ancient culture of Bhutan. A Tsechu is a festival of Buddhism in recognition of Guru Rimpoche, the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan.

Thimphu Festival Tour

The Thimphu Festival (Tsechu) is one of the biggest festivals in Bhutan, and draws the largest crowd. This festival also offers a great opportunity to observe the locals gathered in a celebration of their culture and faith in their finest Gho’s and Kira’s (National Attire).

Druk Wangyal Tshechu

It is a remarkable festival, as it’s orchestrated by the Royal Bhutan Army rather than by monks or priests. It’s a tribute to the wise leadership of the Fourth King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck for the victory over Indian insurgent forces residing in southern Bhutan. It also honors the Royal Bhutan Army’s continued efforts to preserve the country’s sovereignty and stability.

Festival Celebration in Bhutan

Festival Celebration in Bhutan. Monk during the opening ceremony.


Bhutan offers both beauty and variety when it comes to trekking. The kingdom is home to some of the rare species of flora and fauna and country also believes in protecting wildlife mandated by the law of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Read more.


Getting into Bhutan is very easy unlike much country. Many think that Bhutan limits the number of people to travel Bhutan. This myth is completely wrong. I am into tourism business for last 13 years and never heard of this rule ever. You should believe the locals.

Bhutan Tourism Policy

Bhutan does have capping to control the mass tourism. We do not want our country to sink with tourist everywhere and lose our authenticity. We are into quality tourism and want our entire guest to experience the best of Bhutan. Therefore in order to maintain the quality of tourist traveling Bhutan the Bhutanese Government have mandated and only capping is the fixed daily tariff of USD 250 per person in peak season and USD 200 for lean Season. What does the fixed daily tariff really includes? As long as tourist pay the daily tariff, Visa for Bhutan is guaranteed.

Bhutan Visa Process

It is easy to process Bhutan visa since individual do not have to be present personally or go through formalities like other country around the world to process visa. Once you book your tour with us we do all the formalities. You just have to pack your suitcase and start your journey.

Documents required for Bhutan Visa

You need passport copy and your confirmed flight tickets. With this documents your visa will be in your hand before you start your journey. All foreigner traveling Bhutan need visa to enter Bhutan except for the citizen of India,Bangladesh and Maldives.Indian National need not apply visa in advance and their permit for Bhutan travel is given upon arrival. You do not have to pay Visa fees.

New policy for regional tourist beginning 2020 states that USD 16 per person will be chargeable to travel Bhutan. Unlike foreign travelers their daily tariff do not cover anything but free entrance to museums and Dzongs. The daily fees for regional tourist will be implemented once the tourism resumes after Covid-19.


Bhutan being the least famous country in the world, many have never heard about this tiny Himalayan Kingdom. Some even think that Bhutan is part of India. Our country is a small Himalayan Hermit Kingdom between two large giants, China in the north and India in the south. Our country though small with less than a million populations have never been colonized nor politicized. We have our own happy King ruling our Kingdom with Gross National Happiness as the main measure for development.

Travel in Bhutan

Bhutan Groups from Hongkong with Guide and Owner of the Company

How to Travel from India?

Traveling to Bhutan from India is very easy.You can either enter Bhutan by road through west Bengal or take direct flights to Bhutan. Bhutan Airlines operates direct flight from Delhi,Kolkatta,Bagdugra and Guwahati. You can take any flights to enter Bhutan.

How to Travel Bhutan from USA?

Bhutan do not have any direct flights to USA.To visit Bhutan all individual traveling from US have to take transit flight from INDIA,Bangkok,Singapore or Kathmandu.How to Plan your Bhutan Tour?

Flights to Bhutan

Drukair and Tashi Airlines operates flights from different country in Asia.

  • India(Kolkatta,Delhi,Bagdugra,Guwahati).
  • Thailand from Bangkok
  • Singapore 3 times in a week
  • Nepal from Kathmandu daily


We are smoothly connected with air transport. The two local Airline Drukair and Bhutanairline operates from Bangkok, Kathmandu, India and Singapore. With just two Airline operating in Bhutan the airline handles thousand of tourist visiting Bhutan every year. Drukair and Bhutanairlines are two Operating airlines in Bhutan. The maximum carrying capacity of each airline is just 80 to 90 people. If you plan to fly into Bhutan you need to book your tickets at least 3 months ahead of your travel time so that you get your tickets on your travel date.

Bhutan Road Trip

You can enter Bhutan via road from India. There are three entry points from road to enter Bhutan. One from Phuntsholing the famous entry points bordering with west Bengal where entry is flooded with tourist, another from Samdrupjongkhar in the east bordering with Guwahati and last one from Gaylegphug bordering with Assam. If you have extended plan to visit this bordering destination we also cater to tour Sikkim, Darjeeling and Assam Duars.


Whenever I travel outside for leisure, first thing I would do is to check the best time to travel. This way I will avoid many unexpected surprises that will spoil my Holidays. This will also help me plan my vacation and pack my suitcase accordingly. It’s always advisable to travel light so that you are not bogged down with unnecessary luggage to drag along your tour. As a tour operator I get thousands of question like “when is the best time to travel Bhutan? or “what should I pack for this tour?, I have answered this kind of question thousand time in my business field over the last 13 years. My answer for Best time to Travel Bhutan has always been same “Bhutan is all year round destination”. Here is my justification.

Phobjikha valley in summer

Phobjikha valley during Summertime.

Bhutan Travel by Season

Summer is green with so many exciting nature hike to exploring mountain flower. Winter is perfect for photography and cultural exploration due to the presence of clear blue sky. All months throughout the year have something to offer you. March April, September October is Festive season in Bhutan and you can combine your tour with festival of Bhutan, to name few Paro festival in Spring and Thimphu Festival in Autumn is considered the most popular festivals in Bhutan. The exact date of festival will vary depending on the Bhuddhist calendar. Check with the exact festival dates before your travel plan.

Travel Bhutan in Summer and what you can expect?

Summer( June July August ) is time to explore the nature in green and best way to explore summer is to include hiking in all your tour itinerary. Short Hikes like Takin Trail Hike and Kuenselphodrang Hike in Thimphu, Chelela to Kiligoenpa Hike at Paro, Khamsum yulley Namgyel Hike at Punakha and Nature trail of Gangtey village are the most beautiful hike you shouldnot miss if you visit Bhutan in summer.

Travel Bhutan in Winter and what you can expect?

Winter season(December January and February) favors us with clear blue sky with Snow capped Mountain. Many travel website for Bhutan tell us Spring and Autumn as the best time to travel Bhutan based on weather but as a local living in Bhutan i can recommend you the best time to travel Bhutan will completely depend on your choice of what you want to see in Bhutan and your convenience from your work.


We do experience extreme weather like heavy rainfall during July and August and Snowfall in December and January. The temperature during peak summer is about 25 degree during day and 18 degree at night in central Bhutan like Thimphu, Paro, Phobjikha and Bumthang. Punakha will be hotter than any of this district. Winter temperature can be 15 degree during day time and below 0 degree at night. This will also help you to pack for your vacation accordingly. If you wish to explore Bhutan with less tourist than lean season is best suited for you. The cost is also less and pocket friendly.


As a tour operator from Bhutan I must have answered this question millions time about how Bhutan operates tourism Business differently from other country. Few of our clients were surprised to hear that Bhutan charges $250 per person per day in Peak Season (March, April, May, September, October and November) and $200 during lean season (June, July, August, December, January and February). They said that with that amount they could travel half of Asia.

Is Bhutan worth Visiting paying USD 250?

My answer was always “NO”. My justification was Bhutan couldn’t be bought with dollar. Bhutan is more than $250.

After carefully explaining about the daily tariff Inclusion and Exclusion many of our clients were ready to experience the tour of Bhutan. Hundreds of tourist book the tour with us every year from all around the world. Most of our clients were satisfied with our service.There are few incident where clients complained about few shortfall about spicy food, bumpy roads and Dog barking at night which is way beyond our reach. Some of the issues like foods we can always be flexible and take them to taste the locals foods or in Burger points when in city like Thimphu and Paro.


Here is how the Bhutan Travel Cost works. The Bhutan Travel Cost not only covers your meals, Accommodation, Transportation, Guide and all entrance fees but chunk of your money also goes to free education and healthcare system for Bhutanese people. In a way if you book your Bhutan Travel you are also contributing the nation for free education and healthcare system.

Healthcare system in Bhutan is free for all Bhutanese. Not only Bhutanese even the American couple who was the first victim of Covid 19 flew back home without having to pay even a single penny while he was admitted in Bhutan Hospital for almost a month because of Covid-19. No insurance was claimed for hospital expenditure. Are you ready to Book your Travel In Bhutan?

Tea served during Short Hike tour of Bhutan

Tea served during Short Hiking tour of Bhutan


How to pack while traveling in Bhutan? You do not want to spend your Bhutan Tour in your uncomfortable shoes or Shivering with cold throughout or sweating. Bhutan experiences different climatic condition. Packing your cloths will depend on which months you have booked your trip. Let me advice you what to wear season wise.

Winter (December,January,February)

This 3 months is extreme cold months specially in places like Paro,Thimphu, Haa, Bumthang and Phobjikha. The temperature will drop down to minus 4. So its better to have at least one warm jacket, thick cotton pants and muffler and monkey cap with comfortable shoes to protect you from this cold specially at night. You will not be needing during day time.

Spring and Autumn(March,April,May,September,October and November)

This time of the year is very favorable as the weather is warm with bright sunlight. I would advice you to carry at least one pair of cotton pants and socks and Light jackets will do the job. As far as possible its always best to travel light.

Summer (June,July and August)

Summer is hot and temperature ranges from 27 degree of high to low of 20 degree. Just carry what suits you best into this weather and note that this is peak monsoon season and waterproof jackets and shoes will be better while traveling Bhutan.


If you don’t include Tiger nest hike, your visit to Bhutan will not be complete. Tiger nest temple is a secret monastery hanging on a cliff 900 meters above Paro valley overlooking the entire city. This 400 years old monastery is holy grail for all Buddhist follower in Bhutan. During auspicious day the routes are packed with local people visiting the shrine. The monastery got its name from a legend called Guru who flew from Tibet on a back of Tigress to meditate on this cave. The cave later named as Tiger Nest or Taktsang. The hike takes around 3 hours, uphill walk to reach the shrine. There is small cafeteria before reaching the monastery to relax with quick coffee.

Tiger Nest Hike

Our guide with Honeymoon Couple Mr.Kasper and His girlfriend


We carefully select our guide with good reviews from our past clients. Guide is the first person you meet upon arrival and last person to see you off. Your Bhutan Travel success will depend on how the guide makes you feel while in Bhutan. As a tour operator I have encountered many instances where I had to change the guide in the middle of the tour and this have given me rich experience about how guide plays the vital role in growing my company. Our 70% of our guest are all referral from our past clients and we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your tour is a success.


Mr. Yeshey Tharchen (Cultural Guide)

Yeshey is our senior most Guide in the company. He has been leading groups for last 5 years with lots of good reviews from the clients. He recently had a beautiful daughter and had to take 6 months leave and now he is back. Once you are with him you are safe and in trusted hand. He also makes sure that guest does not leave Bhutan without tasting butter tea prepared by his mother.

Mr. Tika Subba (Cultural and Nature Guide)

Tika is an adventurous man and he is still single. He does not want to get married unless he becomes rich like Bill Gates (Joking). Well he wants to be comfortable financially before he decides to lead a family life. His expertise in tourism field is mostly cultural tourism.

Mr. Tenzin Choedra (Cultural Guide)

His friend calls him by his nickname cox because of his cocky nature. He makes sure that his clients get all the authentic experience while in Bhutan. His field experience has been praised by many of the guest who travelled Bhutan with him.

Mr.Tashi Wangchuk (Nature Guide)

He is sincere and very dedicated in his work. His biggest asset is his ability to work in big groups and catering to the need of every individual. He handles lots of regional tourist traveling Bhutan.

Mrs. Lhendup (Female Culture and Nature Guide)

Only lady guide we have in the company. Some of our female solo traveller to Bhutan who does not feel comfortable with male guide prefer female to accompany them. Miss. Lhendup is well versed in Bhutan history and very outgoing. She reads a lot and don’t get surprise if she talks about the famous author Daniele Steel. She is the fan of this author.

Lal Bdr Rai: He is one of the oldest guide we have. His field of experience is trekking in different parts of Bhutan. He completed all the treks in Bhutan it has to offer and he is the GEM of trekking Guide in our company.

Cleaning chelela Pass by our team. Being responsible.

(From left to right)-Tenzin Guide, Sagar Manager,Lhendup lady Guide,Tika Guide,Mindu owner,Eden Reservation,Bikas Driver and Kinley Guide.Cleaning Chelela Pass at Paro by our team. Being responsible for our waste.


With tourist paying USD 250 per person per day we cannot compromise on our transport. For group of 1 to 2 person great comfort SUV car will be given and for 3 to 6 person Toyota Hiace bus with comfortable seats will be provided. We make sure that your travel to Bhutan is as comfortable as possible.

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