How to plan Bhutan Tour?

It’s important to plan a Bhutan tour before you make the final booking. Bhutan is a unique and infamous country that is not known to many. It is a small country sandwiched between two mighty countries, China in the north and India in the south. The country’s main source of income is Hydropower followed by Tourism. Country tourism policy is strictly monitored by the Government and there are mandatory fees to be paid to enter Bhutan as a tourist. The policy also mandates to book all your Tours to Bhutan through a licensed tour operator. No backpacker or independent travelers can enter Bhutan.

Best time to Plan Bhutan Tours

Spring and Autumn are considered the best time to visit Bhutan. Spring starts from March to May and Autumn from September to November.

How to get to Bhutan?

Bhutan is a landlocked country and getting into Bhutan can be tricky. Bhutan shares a border with India and China but only India shares the road connection. The road connects with Assam from Gaylegphu and West Bengal to Phuntsholing Bhutan.

Another option to enter Bhutan is via plane. You can enter Bhutan using flights. Two local airlines Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operate flights to different International airports. Both the airline have flights operating from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkatta, Kathmandu, and Guwahati.

How to plan Bhutan Tours Itinerary?

It is always better to program your itinerary before you start your journey to Bhutan. The program can be flexible but a change of destination at the last minute will not be possible upon arrival as this will take time and may spoil your tour. It’s always better to do little research on the different destinations in Bhutan so that you know what to do.

Find best Bhutan Tour Packages

We have personally crafted many tour packages for guests who love the diversity in Tours. You can find more than 50 plus Bhutan tour packages to select from. The most popular tour packages are Cultural Tour packages, Trekking Packages, and Festival Tour. We also customize another form of tours like a family vacation, Biking Tour, Bird watching tour, and expedition in Bhutan.

Bhutan Travel Cost

Travel cost for Bhutan is fixed by the Government. The daily tariff is $250 for peak season and $200 per person per night for lean season. The cost will vary if you choose better hotels and add extra services in the tours. Please check the Bhutan Tour Cost Inclusion and Exclusion for the entire tour of Bhutan.