13 Days Merak and Sakteng Bhutan Trekking Tours

Merak-Sakteng stands out as a distinct Bhutan trekking tour. Unlike anywhere else in the country, it offers a visitor to experience a unique semi-nomadic lifestyle, culture, and vernacular in one of the most scenic pastoral valleys in the protected area of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) in Trashigang Dzongkhag (District), in Eastern Bhutan.


The best time to trek Merak and Sakteng is in the month of March, April, May, October, and November.

Bhutan Trekking  Cost:

USD 2740PP and the cost may change depending upon the group size.

Bhutan Visa Information: 

Upon confirmation of this trek, we shall guide you for Bhutan Visa. Apart from Visa, you will also be required to apply for a special permit which we shall have ready.

Bhutan Flights:

Since your tour starts from Guwahati your flights to Bhutan is not necessary unless you plan to extend your tour to central and western Bhutan and fly out from Paro.

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

The trek lies within the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS). It was created in April 2003 with a strong agenda for conservation and to protect the unique assemblage of biological and cultural diversity in the region. It covers an area of 650 sq km and is bordered by the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh (Tawang) in the north and east, Phongmey Geog, and Kangpara Geog in the west, and Shingkhar Lauri Geog in Samdrup Jongkhar. It is connected to Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary by a biological corridor, a part of the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex.

Tour Program Destination Tour Activity Hotels/Camps
Day 01 Guwahati to Samdrupjongkhar Cultural Sightseeing Hotels
Day 02 Samdrupjongkha Culture sightseeing Hotels
Day 03 Samdrupjongkhar to Trashigang Cultural sightseeing Hotels
Day 04 Trashigang to Merak Cultural Tour camping
Day 05 Chaling – Damnongchu Trekking camping
Day 06 Damnongchu – Merak Trekking camping
Day 07 Merak – Miksa Teng Trekking camping
Day 08 Miksa Teng – Sakteng Trekking camping
Day 09 Sakteng Day Halt Trekking camping
Day 10 Sakteng – Jyonkharteng Trekking camping
Day 11 Jyonkhar Teng – Phongmay Trekking camping
Day 12 Phongmey To Trashigang Trekking Hotel
Day13 Trashingang To Samdrupjongkhar driving Hotel
Day14 Samdrupjongkhar To Guwahati And Drop See off

Day 1: Guwahati to Samdrupjongkhar:

Upon finishing your tour of East India your arrival at Guwahati our team will receive you with a traditional white scarf. Your Bhutan Tour starts now with our guide briefing you about tours and treks of the Merak and Sakteng Journey.

Day 2: Samdrupjongkhar to Trashigang:

Your drive to Trashigang is short but the roads are winding and take you at least 6 hours. Your lunch will be served on the way.

Day 3: Trashigang sightseeing:

Sightseeing at trashigang will be visit to Gomkora the famouse monastery in trashingang.

Day 4: Trashigang to Merak:

Welcome to Trashigang to Merak Most people heading out this way are trekking to and between the twin villages of Merak and Sakteng, each the centre of its own secluded valley within the 741-sq-km Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bhutan Trekking Tours Begins

DAY 5: Chaling – Damnongchu

The trek to Merak will start from Chaling reached by following an unsealed road from Rangjung. Damnongchu camping area is located after Mindrula which lies at about 3,316m / 10,880f

DAY 6: Damnongchu – Merak

5 hours,camp altitude 3,499 m.  The trail from Damnongchu to Merak goes along the river bank with gradual ups and downs.Over night at Damnongchu Camp.

DAY 7: Merak – Miksa Teng

The trek from Merak to Miksa Teng is long and of medium difficulty. It will pass through the beautiful Nagchungla pass (approx 4,100m / 13,451ft). The campsite is located in a clearing surrounded by rhododendron trees.

DAY 8: Miksa Teng – Sakteng

Trek to Sakteng from Miksa Teng is easy making your way through beautiful woods with a short climb before reaching Sakteng. Overnight at Camp.

DAY 9: Sakteng Day Halt

Time to explore this remote Himalayan village. You can explore the places around this places and can even organize cultural show by the locals.

DAY 10: Sakteng – Jyonkharteng

6 1/2 hours, camp altitude 1,859 m. Sakteng to Jyonkhar Teng trek is an easy trek comparing to previous days. It is mostly downhill to Jyonkhar Teng camp.

DAY 11Jyonkhar Teng – Phongmay

5 hours, camp altitude 1,981 m The final day. This day is full with ups and down until you reach the road the head at Phongmay. Drive to Tashigang.

Day 12Tashigang to Samdrupjongkhar

Day 13: Samdrupjongkhar to Guwahati and see off.

Trekking Information on Merak and Sakteng.

What to wear in this TREK?: Comfortable shoes with light walking stick will be fine for trekking. If you have chosen to trek in the month of November to April better equip yourself with warm cloths. The temperature drops at night during camping.

Emergency contacts

During emergency you can always contact our guide or incase of unavailability of Guide you can contact us on below details.
Thimphu Head Office: (00975)-331423
Mobile number: (00975)-17140505(Available 24/7)
Note: office working time is 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday.
Mr. Mindu Dorji (Sales Manager) 00975 17140505(Available for 24 hours a day)

Appropriate attire: Most Bhutanese are pretty conservative from our western perspective so it is always polite to wear long pants at all times (Man and Women). Women should wear long pants or skirts. Shirts should not be revealing and bras should be worn. Unfortunately, many tourists ignore these cultural norms and can be seen in towns and villages wearing shorts and revealing summer attire; while it may be comfortable, it is not appropriate, especially when visiting monasteries and Dzongs.

Itinerary Disclaimer

Generally we adhere to the original itinerary that we described but sometimes little alterations can be born due to the situations that are beyond our control. On the other hand, in order to make our trip for your personal experiences and flexible, we allowed our clients to make minor changes by discussing with us (office staff) and guide (field staff). The trip detail itinerary is a general guide to the tour and region, and any mention of specific destination or activities is by no means of guarantee that they will be encountered or carried due to sudden change in time and the local circumstances and climate.

Keeping in touch with your beloved at home

If your family members or colleagues or friends want to talk to you during your Bhutan Tour or Trek, then you can either provide your guide mobile number to reach you during the trip or you can directly give the company phone number. We will make the arrangement to reach you with a guide.


Meals are usually provided in the buffet system and most of the tourist food is blend and if you need to change the food varieties we are very open to change and you need to discuss with guide. We have Indian, Chinese, and authentic Bhutanese restaurants where you can have very spicy food.

Bhutan Trekking Tours Guide

Bhutan is a unique travel destination with some special considerations. It is highly recommended that you undertake some background reading before travel to Bhutan. The more you learn about your destination, the more rewarding your travel experience will be.

Trekking Guide: Mr.Lal Bdr Rai have done this trekking 20 times and have very good knowledge about this Trekking route. He had in-depth knowledge of the place.

Bhutan Trekking Tours Cook:

Our Cook Kaka is a licensed and trained Trekking cook. Though he may not be a very good conversational list in English he is well trained in cooking all kinds of meals.

Trekking Equipment for Bhutan Trekking Tours:

We use high quality of tents and equipment imported from US for comfort stay.