Bhutan being the mountainous country entering into Bhutan is either by flight or by land. The roads are well connected and country is bordered with INDIA in the south and Tibet and China in the North. Though China is our next neighbor in the north but we do not have any diplomatic relation with them and therefore no road or Flights operates from Bhutan to China. If traveling to China from Bhutan you have to fly to Kathmandu Nepal or Bangkok Thailand.

Bhutan Trip by Road

There are three entry points from India to Bhutan. If you are planning to drive overland to Bhutan you have to come via INDIA. The first entry point is from Phuntsholing bordered with west Bengal. If you are planning trip to North east INDIA (Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kalimpong) the best route to enter Bhutan is via Phuntsholing. This is the main route used by most of the tourist. The journey time from each of this place is 4 to 5 hours depending upon the traffic.

Second Entry point is from Samdrupjongkhar near Guwahati. This is quite far from main touristic center. If you want off the beaten path tour than explore Eastern Bhutan where tourist hardly travel. You can enter from Samdrupjongkhar with our guide, who will also assist you with all visa formalities.

Third road entry is from Gaylegphu the southern District but this entry point is hardly used by the tourist.

Bhutan Trip by Flights

You can also enter Bhutan by flights. Local airline of Bhutan, Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operates from India(Delhi,Kolkatta,Guwahati and Bagdugra) Bangkok,Kathmandu and Singapore.

Overland Journey Tour Program from Phuntsholing

Drukyul Travel (7N8D) Starts from $1575 per person.

Bhutan Beauty (4N5D) Starts from $ 940.00 per person.

Dragon Kingdom Tour (9N10D) Starts from $ 2100 per person.

Overland Journey Tour Program from Guwahati to Bhutan:

Drukyul Travel- East to West (14N15D) Starts from $ 3150 per person.

Bhutan Drukpa Journey (10N11D) Starts from $ 2250.00 per person.

Happiness Kingdom Tour (9N10D) Starts from $ 2065 per person.

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