There are two Airlines Operating in Bhutan. Druk Air is the oldest airlines partially owned by the Government and operates both domestic and International. Bhutan Airlines is privately owned by Tashi Groups and flies to major cities like Delhi,Bangkok,Kolkatta and Kathmandu. They do not operate domestic flights.

Flights to Bhutan give you the best experience of flying above Himalayas. The flight into Paro International Airport is one of the most spectacular in the world. Whether it is flying along the Himalayan range, or over the foothills from Kolkata, each flight is mesmerizing and offers you with an exciting descent into kingdom.

Druk Air

Druk Air

Due to variable weather conditions and the fact that the airport in Paro can only operate during daylight hours,delay of flight can occur. Therefore it is advisable for you to keep lengthy connecting times (more than 3 hours). Flights to Bhutan can be tricky due to time fluctuation with airlines. Please reconfirm all your flights at least 24 hours before you travel to Bhutan.

Getting into Bhutan by Flights

Getting into Bhutan Via Air- both Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines provides you with direct flight to Bhutan. We have only one international Airport located in Paro which is about one and half hour drive from Thimphu.

Flights from INDIA:

Delhi (DEL-India) to Paro Delhi -Daily

Delhi to Paro KB 201 Departs at 1300 and arrival Paro at 1550

Paro to Delhi KB 200 Departs at 0750 and arrival Delhi at 0950

Delhi Airport is Indiragandhi International Airport

Kolkata(CCU-India) to Paro-Daily (Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday)

Kolkatta(CCU) to Paro(PBH) KB 211 Departs at 0855 and arrival Paro at 1055

Paro(PBH) to Delhi(DEL) KB 210 Departs at 0715 and arrival Delhi(DEL) at 0815

Bagdogra (IXB) to Paro (PBH) (Monday and Wednesday)

Bagdugra to Paro KB 131 Departs at 1010 and Arrival at 1140

Paro to Bagdugra KB 130 Departs at 0900 and Arrival at 0930

Airport in India is Nagdugra Airport.

Guwahati(Gau-India) to Paro(PBH)

Gau to PBH KB 541 Departs at 1435 and Arrival PBH at 1555

PBH to GAU KB 130 Departs at 1120 and Arrival Gau at 1140

Guwahati Airport in India

Flights to Bhutan from Delhi

Delhi being the international airport and most of our clients traveling Bhutan flies from Delhi which is easier for all foreigners. Our airlines operates daily from Delhi (DEL) to Paro (PBH). Its two and half hours direct flights to Bhutan but during peak season flight may take passenger from Kathmandu which make 1 stop over at KTM Nepal.

Bhutan Flights

View of Himalayas while flying from Delhi to Paro International Airport.



There is no direct flights from Mumbai to Paro International Airport. You have to take connecting flights to main cities like Kolkatta or Delhi towards Bhutan.


Increasing number of tourist take flights from Kathmandu to Paro.This is because most of the tourist takes combo trip of Nepal,Bhutan and Tibet and its easier for them to take this short flight to Bhutan. We have the detail of flight timing from Kathmandu(KTM-Nepal) to Paro (PBH) which flies daily. As for flight schedule in 2021 do mail us as the schedule is not yet out due to Covid 19.


Kathmandu(KTM) to Paro(PBH)-Kathmandu

KTM to PBH KB 401 Departs at 1430 and Arrival PBH at 1550

Paro to Kathmandu KB 400 Departs at 0740 and Arrival KTM at 0840

Tribhuvan International Airport 


Kathmandu(KTM) to Paro(PBH)-Kathmandu

KTM to PBH B3772 Departs at 0835 and Arrival PBH at 0950

Paro to Kathmandu B3771 Departs at 0700 and Arrival KTM at 0755

Tribhuvan International Airport 


Dhaka(DAC-Bangladesh) to Paro- 5 times a week.


Only Drukair operates from Singapore to Paro flights from Changi AIRPORT (SIN-Singapore) to Paro Bhutan. No other airlines operates to Bhutan from Singapore. Bhutan airport is very small and cannot take the International Airlines. For 2021 Singapore Flight Schedule do contact us as the the schedule is not yet out.

Singapore(SIN) Paro(PBH) Singapore(SIN)

SIN to Paro KB 541 Departs at 1155 and Arrival Paro at 1555(Thursday and Sunday)

Paro to Singapore KB 540 Departs at 0805 and Arrival Singapore at 1610.(Wednesday and Sunday)

Find Druk Air flight schedules and Fare here.

Flights to Bhutan from USA

There is no direct flight from USA to Bhutan. You have to take connecting flights to India before flying into Bhutan. It’s a long flight to Bhutan from US. Usually flights from Delhi to Paro is early morning flight and if you are comfortable you can check into Bhutan directly from USA without layover in India. Any major city like, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle have flights flying to Delhi, Bangkok or to Singapore where you can connect to Bhutan.

Flights to Bhutan from Mumbai

Many inquire us about the flight from Mumbai to Bhutan. Drukair once operated flight to Bhutan from Mumbai but due to some issue the airline could not continue. The best route to take is to fly to Delhi or Kolkatta to come to Bhutan from any other international Airport.

Bhutan Airlines- Bhutan Airlines began its international operations in October 2013. It’s sectors to Bhutan include:

  1. Bangkok(BKK-Thailand)
  2. Delhi(DEL-India)
  3. Kolkata(CCU-India)
  4. Kathmandu(KTM-Nepal)

Find Bhutan Airlines flight schedules and Fare here.

Domestic Air travel within Bhutan

bhutan airlines

Bhutan Airlines

Only Druk Air operates domestic flights in Bhutan. The flight takes place between Paro and Bathpalathang (Bumthang). This air link will provide an excellent opportunity for those who have a dream to explore the western and eastern districts of Bhutan without the lengthy drive times.

Druk Air operates flights from Paro to Gelephu airport every tuesday.

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1.How long is the flight from Bangkok to Paro?

Ans: Bangkok to Paro is approximately 4 hours flights and its usually early morning flight.

2.Can i book online tickets without using travel agent?

Ans: Yes you can log into their website and book the tickets online using your credit card.

3. Does Bhutan have any other international Airline flying into Bhutan?

Ans: Bhutan do not have any international Airline operating due to small airport. Two local Airlines Drukair and Private airlines also called Tashi Airlines operate in Bhutan. Only few Pilots are trained to land the plane at Paro International airport which is one of the dangerous airport in the world.

4.What is the airfare from Bangkok Paro Bangkok?

Ans: The airfare from Bangkok Paro Bangkok is USD 920 approximately. It also depend upon the daily exchange rates.

5.How punctual is the Bhutan Flights?

Ans: Bhutan flights timing is very punctual but always be prepare for delays due to uncertain weather condition in Mountainous region.

Paro Airport

Paro International Airport

After going through Bhutan Flights details you must be wondering why there is no schedule. Due to Covid Bhutan Flight schedule for 2021 is not yet out and as soon as we have the schedule we shall update here. You can check our Bhutan Tours and Trekking packages for your upcoming tour of Bhutan below.

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