Bumthang Tour


Trip Seasons
This trip can be done through-out the year.

Trip Type
Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan

Trip Length

Places Covered
Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang, Trongsa

Group Size
Available as small group/join-in or Independent.

Guru Rinpoche is believed to have incarnated from the Lord Bhudha and locals have very strong belief that Guru is the final destination of all Buddhist. In this Pilgrimage tour of Bhutan we will take you to the footstep of Guru Rinpoche throughout the country where he has built many monasteries which has rich history of how Buddhism started in Bhutan. Most of the history is foretold in the form of paintings on the walls of the monasteries. Your guide for Bhutan Travel will take through this pilgrimage Journey of Bhutan.
Value Added Tour: We will provide you with good English speaking MONK who can take you through the Pilgrimage tour of Bhutan.

What to Bring during Pilgrimage tour in Bhutan?

  • Incense Stick and offering while in spiritual tour.
  • Gift which can benefit the monks serving in the monastery.
  • Prayer Flags to be hoisted while crossing the pass.
Day Trip Outline Accommodation
Day 01  Arrive Paro (By Druk Air flight)  Metta Resort
Day 02 Paro, Excursion to Tiger Nest Monastery  Metta Resort
Day 03 Paro – Thimphu Sightseeing  Hotel Migmar
Day 04 Thimphu Sightseeing  Hotel Migmar
Day 05 Excursion to Tango and Cheri Monastery  Hotel Migmar
Day 06 Thimphu – Punakha: (72 Kms, 3 hours drive)  Hotel Lobesa
Day 07 Punakha – Gangtey  Hotel Dewachen
Day 08 Gangtey – Trongsa – Bumthang  Hotel Swiss Guest House
Day 09 Bumthang Sightseeing  Hotel Swiss Guest House
Day 10 Bumthang – Thimphu – Paro  Hotel Metta Resort
Day 11 Departure

Day 01. Arrive Paro by Flights

Your pilgrimage tour in Bhutan starts with amazing mountain flights to Bhutan. During these flights, you will be offered with a magnificent view of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga. Our Guide will be waiting outside to receive you and will brief you about the tour before we start the journey. After light refreshment visit the ruins of Drukgyal Dzong, built in 1647 by the Great Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, father and unifier of medieval Bhutan. The evocative reminder of the great victories from Tibetan invasion still remembered and it was built to commemorate.

Explore the ramparts and on a clear day experience an unforgettable view of Mt. Jhomolhari (7,314 m). On the way back, visit Kichu Lhakhang, built in 659 A.D by the Tibetan king Srongsen Gampo. This Monastery is one of the 108 monasteries built across the Himalayan region by the Tibetan King to subdue the Demons that lay across the Himalayan region. The rest of the monasteries lie in other neighboring countries. Dinner and over night in Hotel.

Day 02. Meditation at Tiger Nest Monastery

Tiger Nest Temple is the holy grail for all Pilgrimage tour in Bhutan.Tiger nest is 3 hours uphill hike from Paro valley. The monastery hangs on a cliff 900m above Paro valley and this is where religion Bhuddhism started in Bhutan.

Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava, the tantric mystic who brought Buddhism to Bhutan in 747 AD, flew here on the back of a flying tiger, Dorji Drolo, said to be his favorite consort.

You can do meditation nearby this monastery and we can arrange for monk who can share with the group the advent of Buddhism and the background history of the monastery and its secret.

pilgrimage tour in Bhutan

Meditate in Tiger Nest Temple

Day 03 ParoThimphu Spiritual tour

There are many secret monastery in Bhutan where the real spiritual tour of Bhutan will give you the access of great saints who contributed in the spread of Bhudhism in Bhutan. One of the monastery is Dupthop Lhakhang one of the few surviving nunneries in Bhutan. We then visit the National Library, stocked with ancient Buddhist manuscripts, Overnight in Hotel.

Day 04. Thimphu Yatra

After breakfast, visit Folk Heritage Museum, Textile Museum, Changangkha Lhakhang .

After lunch, visit the largest Bhudha Dordena Statue overlooking Thimphu valley. You can also circumbulate the inside temple and meditate. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 05: Spiritual Journey to Tango and Cheri Monastery

Another secret temple where monks are trained to become the followers of Bhudhism. Here you can spend time with the Lama and get blessing from him. You can also donate some amount to this monastery for the monk who lives here.

Tango and Cheri Monasteries are situated in the North of the Thimphu Valley. They are placed on the steep hills facing one another. Whereas the Tango monastery was founded by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa as a monastic school in the 12th century, the Cheri Monastery founded by Phajo Drugom Zhipo serves as a meditation center.

The present Tango Monastery was built in the 15th century by the ‘divine madman’, Lama Drukpa Kuenley. Tango is the residence of an important young reincarnate lama recognized as the seventh reincarnation of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye. There’s a cave where we will have to go through and come out from the other end. It is a mythological belief that a person having bad intentions will be trapped inside.

The banks of the river at Dodena serve as a beautiful lunch spot. The trail at the opposite side of the valley leads to Cheri Lhakhang. Cheri Lhakhang– built in 1620 by the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, a silver chorten inside the temple holds the ashes of the Zhabdrung’s father. There are narrow stone steps that lead to the lhakhangs above. It is believed that if one ascends these steps without resting in-between, he will atone himself from the sins which are a result of his dire actions against his parents.

Day 06. Thimphu – Punakha touring the fertility temple

The famous fertility temple at Punakha is not to be missed.If the weather is clear, we stop for a while at Dochula pass to view Higher Himalayas. On the way, stop a while to view Chimi Lhakhang, which was built by Lama Drukpa Kuenley in the 15th century. He subdued the demons with his “Magical Thunder bolt”. The Temple is also known as “the Temple of Fertility”.

Lunch at Punakha. Visit Punakha Dzong built in 1637 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and is situated between Pho Chu (Male river) and Mo Chu (Female river). Punakha is still the winter residence of Je-Khenpo and King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk convened the new national Assembly here in 1952. In the evening, hike to Khamsung Yulley Namgyal Choling Monastery. Overnight in Hotel. 

Day 06. Punakha – Gangtey Spiritual Journey

After breakfast drive to the beautiful valley of Gangtey. Visit Gangtey Gompa Monastery, from outside. Gyaltse Pema Thinley, the grandson and mind reincarnation of Pema Lingpa founded the Temple in 1613, and Tenzin Legpai Dhendup, the second re-incarnation, built the temple. The present Abbot, Kunzang Pema Namgyal is the ninth re-incarnation. It is a Nyingmapa monastery and is affiliated to other Nyingmapa monasteries including Tamshing in Bumthang.

Explore Phobjikha valley, famous for the Black Necked Cranes during winter. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Pilgrimage tour in Bhutan

Gangtey Monastery

Day 07. Gangtey – Trongsa – Bumthang

After breakfast, drive to Trongsa. Visit Trongsa Dzong, the most impressive dzong of Bhutan, built in its present form in 1644 by Chogyal Minjur Tempa, the official who was sent by Shabdrung to unify eastern Bhutan and enlarged at the end of the 17th century by Desi Tenzin Rabgay.

Trongsa Dzong is the ancestral home of the present Royal Family and first two hereditary kings ruled Bhutan from this Dzong. Then Visit Ta Dzong, an ancient watchtower. The chapel inside the Ta Dzong is said to be dedicated to the Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyal. After Lunch, drive to Bumthang. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 08. Bumthang Spiritual tour in Bhutan

Bumthang is a place with many Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. Many local visit for pilgrimage in Bumthang.

Your Spiritual journey begins with Visit to Jambay Lhakhang, built by King Srongsen Gampo of Tibet in the year 659 on the same day as Kichu Lhakhang in Paro. The temple was visited by Guru Rimpoche during his visit to Bumthang and was renovated by Sindhu Raja after Guru Rimpoche restored his life force. Under the temple is said to be a lake in which Guru Rimpoche hid several Terma(treasure). In October one of the most spectacular festival, “Jambay Lhakhang Drup” is staged here.

After lunch, Visit Chakhar (Iron Castle) Lhakhang, it is the site of the palace of the Indian King, the Sindhu Raja who invited Guru Rimpoche to Bumthang. The Original palace was made of Iron and hence the name Chakhar. The saint Dorji Lingpa built the Current building in 14th century. Its correct name is Dechen Phodrang. We then visit Kurjey Lhakhang that is named after body print of Guru Rimpoche, built-in 1652 by Minjur Tempa. Visit Tamshing Lhakhang (Temple of the good message), established in 1501 by Pema Lingpa and is the most important Nyingmapa temple in the kingdom. In the evening, visit Membarstho which literally means, “The burning Lake”. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 09. Bumthang – Thimphu via domestic flights to Paro

Upon arrival, you shall be driven to the highest pass of Chelela(3800m). The mountain offers a view of Jumolhari Mountain and the small district of Haa valley.

You can also hike to Kiligoenpa’s small nunnery with 50 nuns residing in the middle of the forest. You can meditate here for some time. Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

Day 10. Paro Tour

Paro is the cultural hub of Bhutan. The town still has a traditional building with lots of Handicrafts and cafe. You can visit the cafe where you get good coffee and do the shopping to take home. You shall have plenty of time to roam around town.

Overnight in Hotel.

Day 11. Departure

Early morning, drive to Airport and Farewell.

Please keep in mind that before you travel to Bhutan few things to remember are your visa acceptance letter, your air tickets, Passport validity should be 6 months and more. If you have any health conditions please make sure your health insurance covers all.

Emergency contacts

Being a responsible company, we are always available for 24 hours a day, in case if you need any emergency help. It is best to first call your designated travel coordinator or sales person (whose contact numbers are will be listed on your tour agreement), for any reason if you are not able to reach to him/her then please ring us on the below numbers:
Thimphu Head Office: (00975)-331423
Mobile number: (00975)-17140505(Available 24/7)
Note: office working time is 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday.
Mr. Sagar Pradhan (Sales Manager) 00975 02331423 (Available for 24 hours a day)

Etiquette and Taboos

Cultural Considerations: Be aware that your cultural values may differ from those of locals. These may include different concepts of time, personal space, communication, etc., which are not wrong or inferior, just different. Making the extra effort to respect local customs and cultural differences will enhance your interactions with locals during your time in Bhutan and contribute to building mutual respect between locals and tourists.

Appropriate attire: Most Bhutanese are pretty conservative from our western perspective so it is always polite to wear long pants at all times (Man and Women). Women should wear long pants or skirts. Shirts should not be revealing and bras should be worn. Unfortunately, many tourists ignore these cultural norms and can be seen in towns and villages wearing shorts and revealing summer attire; while it may be comfortable, it is not appropriate, especially when visiting monasteries and Dzongs.

Itinerary Disclaimer

Generally we adhere to the original itinerary that we described but sometimes little alterations can be born due to the situations that are beyond our control. On the other hand, in order to make our trip for your personal experiences and flexible, we allowed our clients to make minor changes by discussing with us (office staff) and guide (field staff). The trip detail itinerary is a general guide to the tour and region, and any mention of specific destination or activities is by no means of guarantee that they will be encountered or carried due to sudden change in time and the local circumstances and climate. More tours available at Bhutan Tours.

Meals during Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan

Meals are usually provided in buffet system and most of tourist food are blend and if you have any preference you need to discuss with a guide or mail us in advance. We have Indian, Chinese, and authentic Bhutanese restaurants where you can have very spicy food.

Destination Guide for Spiritual tour of Bhutan

We provide you with Buddhist Monk guide for this Buddhism tour of Bhutan. He will guide you throughout your journey to Bhutan.

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