Bhutanese government follows the strict Tourism Policy of daily tariff to control the mass tourism. Tourists traveling Bhutan have to pay USD 250 per person in peak season and USD 200 for the lean season. Failure to pay this daily tariff will result in the denial of a Bhutan Visa. If any agent abroad or local tour operator offers you less than the government fixed tariff then there is every chance that your visa will be rejected because this is against the policy of High value and Low impact tourism policy. Please check the Government mandates of daily tariff on TCB website.

We are the licensed tour operator approved by the Government to apply for your visa. You can check our Bhutan Travel Agency listing with TCB HERE.

All travelers visiting Bhutan need visas to enter and exit Bhutan. Your visa is processed only in Thimphu through the Bhutan Immigration office. Visa is issued only by a licensed tour operator for tourists and no other agency can process your visa for Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa for US Citizen:

Us citizens traveling Bhutan must apply for a visa in advance. Upon confirming the tour of Bhutan your local agent in Bhutan will apply for your Visa. All tour payment must be paid upfront for Visa approval which is mandatory for all tourists entering Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa for Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi traveling Bhutan do not need to apply for an advance Visa. The visa for Bangladesh is given upon arrival at Paro International Airport. Valid Passport is a must document to travel Bhutan for all Bangladeshi nationals.

Bhutan Visa for Nepalese:

Nepalese citizens traveling Bhutan must apply for a visa in advance through a licensed tour operator. No embassy can process your visa. Though Nepal is a member of the SAARC country they still need to pay daily tariffs like any other citizen to travel as a tourist.

Bhutan Visa for Myanmar Citizen:

Bhutan does not have any diplomatic relation with Myanmar and citizens from Myanmar need Visa to visit Bhutan. They can only travel to Bhutan as a tourist and they can apply for a visa through a licensed tour operator. The best way to travel to Bhutan from Myanmar is via Bangkok as there are no direct flights to Bhutan from Myanmar.

Bhutan Visa for Indian:

Indian traveling Bhutan does not need to apply for a visa in advance. Their visa is granted upon arrival. Starting 2021 passport is mandatory for all Indians visiting Bhutan. No documents like a voting card, driver’s license or adhar card will be accepted to enter Bhutan. The new regulation also mandates Indian tourists visiting Bhutan to pay sustainable fees of INR 1200 per day and need to pre-book your tour through the licensed tour operator. Your Bhutan visa will be processed in advance upon paying the sustainable fees.

Bhutan Visa Application form:

To apply for Visa you need to fill up the visa application forms provided by the tour operator. Here you will have to give all your details like home address, contact details during an emergency and duly signed on the forms.

Bhutan Immigration Policy:

The immigration policy of Bhutan states that every national visiting Bhutan needs to apply Visa or entry permit to enter Bhutan. Passport is mandatory for all travelers including Indian nationals to be eligible for Visa. You will be given 7 days visa by default and if you need to increase your stay you can do so upon reaching Thimphu. This is only applicable for Indian, Bangladesh, and Maldives nationals. As for other national Visa is approved in advance and they can overstay upon paying the daily tariff.

There are multiple Immigration checkpoints where your visa is checked and you need to carry the visa copy at all time during your tour of Bhutan.

Who can apply for Bhutan Visa?

It is very easy to get Visa if you book your Tour with a Bhutan Tour operator. The visa process will be hassle-free and budget-friendly. Many people who book their trip to Bhutan do not understand the Bhutan Visa procession. They are confused about how the Visa is applied. All Bhutan visa will be processed by your local tour operator only. Here is the guide to help you understand how Bhutan Visa is applied?

5 Tips you should know while applying for Visa.

a) You need to have confirmed Bhutan Flight tickets:

The entry and exit sector should be mentioned in Visa. You can purchase your tickets to Bhutan online and we can also help you to book. You cannot enter Bhutan from another sector other than the sector mentioned in your visa and your tickets. If by chance you change your tickets do let us know so that we shall process your new visa with a new entry point.

b) Hotel Confirmation Voucher:

Many tour operators do not give you this information as they do not feel important. We do not want to keep this information from you. Hotel accommodation is also mentioned in your visa and check that your hotel mentioned in your visa has good reviews and you finalize them before traveling to Bhutan with us.

c) Bhutan Tour Itinerary:

Once you confirm your tour itinerary your Bhutan visa will be applied and any changes after that will be difficult. Your guided tour of Bhutan will be strictly followed as per your Visa. Please confirm your Tour itinerary, you have in mind so that we shall apply for the Visa accordingly.

d) Local Tour Guide for Bhutan Tour:

Your guide name will be mentioned in your visa upon confirmation. If you need any special guide or friend recommendation do let us know in advance. It is mandatory to include the guide name while applying for Visa. This is done in order to avoid any unlicensed guide taking over the tour.

e) Tour Payment for Bhutan:

Your tour payment needs to be transferred fully before applying for a visa. Upon the confirmation of your Tour, Hotels, Guides, and detailed tour itinerary your visa will be processed.

Only upon receiving the full payment, your visa will be approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. No Visa will be issued with the partial payment. eVisa for Bhutan will be emailed to you and once you receive them you need to download and print them. Check that your names and date of travel are correctly mentioned in your eVisa. Your actual visa will be stamped upon arrival at Paro International Airport.

After all, this process than your visa will be approved. Find below a sample visa approval letter which will be emailed to you. You need to carry this in hard copy and show it while boarding the plane. Your actual visa will be stamped upon arrival at Paro International Airport.

Bhutan eVisa

Bhutan Visa Copy sample you get from Tour Operator

Why Bhutan is so cheap to travel with Daily Tariff in 2021 and 2022?

Many do not understand how the daily tariff works. Most of the travelers thought that the daily tariff is just the fees apart from the daily charge for sightseeing, accommodation, guides, and meals. Let me explain how the daily tariff works. The daily cost for Bhutan includes accommodation in an excellent 3-star Hotel, all meals in a tourist standard restaurant, a licensed tour guide, a luxury private Car, and all entrance fees to all monuments. If you have to travel independently you will spend more than what we charge you as per our standard of the tour we offer.

The minimum daily cost for staying in Bhutan is fixed by the Royal Government of Bhutan keeping the concept of “high value and low impact” tourism policy for sustainable tourism business.  The season months are March, April, May, September, October, and November and lean season months are June, July, August, December, January, and February.

Peak season(March, April, May, September, October, and November)

These months have lots of local festivals. The weather is very favorable to explore the cities and valleys. The lean season is cold and monsoon rains are rampant and landslides and snow can be expected.

There are also group discounts and single supplementary costs involved and here we say surcharges applicable for single and couple travelers. The cost as follows:

2 Days Bhutan Tour Package cost in Season

Solo Traveller USD 290 plus the Visa fees of USD 40

2pax Cost USD 280 per person plus the visa fees

3 pax and above USD 250 plus the visa fees

2 Days Bhutan Tour Package cost in Lean Season

Solo Traveller USD 240 plus the Visa fees of USD 40

2pax Cost USD 230 per person plus the visa fees

3 pax and above USD 200 plus the visa fees

The package cost includes the following service as follow:

1: Best Accommodation (3* Hotels) on twin sharing basis
2: All the meals
3: Land transport within Bhutan
4: Services of an English Speaking guide
5: Supply of pack ponies, yak, trekking crews, and porters for the trek
6: All necessary camping equipment for Treks (excluding sleeping bags & sleeping mat).
7. All entrance fees.
8: Bhutan Visa
9: 37% Government TAX
10: Tea & Snacks

Package cost does not include:

1: Airfare
2: Laundry
3: Privates call
4: Beverages or Drinks
5: Insurance for travel and other contingencies.

Single supplement charges of US $ 35 per night halt per person will apply for any single room requirement.

Bhutan Visa Cost and Tourism Policy:

All foreigners traveling Bhutan must obtain Bhutan Visa before entering Bhutan. No foreign embassy can process your visa. As per the Bhutan Government directives Bhutan Visa must be processed by your Tour company that you book your tour with. If you are a diplomat or an Invitees then your Visa will be processed by the concerned agency that you plan to visit Bhutan with. Few things to remember to get Visa to travel to Bhutan are your Hotel accommodation, Your exact travel plan, and your confirmed air tickets. All tourist visa is applied online and only Bhutanese Tour company like ourself have the access to apply for your Visa. One time Visa cost of USD 40 will be charged to each individual.

Frequently Asked Question about Bhutan Visa


There is no restriction for any nationality traveling to Bhutan as long as they fulfill the formalities. There is also no restriction on the number of tourists visiting Bhutan as people understand it. As long as tourists can pay the daily tariff and book through a licensed local tour operator of Bhutan, Visa for Bhutan is guaranteed.

For a visa upfront payment is mandatory. Many people fear when they hear the 100% advance payment process followed by the tour operator of Bhutan but that is the tourism policy of Bhutan. No tourist will lose their money as long as the agent is licensed and a member of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The system of payment transfer is very different from another country. The tour payment has to be rectified by the TCB before they approve the Visa.

The visa approval is done upon the receipt of 100% payment, which is deposited into the TCB account, and that is the sole reason why we ask our clients for full payment. The Government will release the payment only after the tour gets over and upon the approval of TOUR INVOICE. Therefore the tourist payment is very safe.

Do US citizens require Visa for BHUTAN?

Yes, all nationalities traveling to Bhutan need Visa except for the citizen of India, Bangladesh and Maldives are exceptional.

How long does it take to apply for the VISA?

For Bhutan Visa, you need to have a valid passport scanned in color and send it to the operator with a filled Visa form. Tour payment is a must and should reach the operator on time and if everything is in order the visa will just take 72 hours on working days. The approved visa letter will be emailed to you. The visa approved letter issued by the immigration office should be produced while boarding the plane and upon arrival.

Does Visa to Bhutan gets rejected?

No, the visa doesn’t get rejected unless you have an expired passport or have any legal issue with the government.

What is the Bhutan Visa Cost?

The visa fee is just $40 per person and everyone including the child has to pay.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Bhutan?

Bhutan is considered all year round destination but most of the tourist prefer Spring(March,April and May) and Autumn(September,October and November) because this is the festival time in many districts of Bhutan. Please check 2020 festival date. Click here