Bhutan Trekking offers both beauty and variety when it comes to trekking because the kingdom is home to some of the rare species of flora and fauna. The country also believes in protecting wildlife mandated by the law of the Kingdom of Bhutan which makes the country the haven for trekkers.


We have trekking routes starting from a day trek to 30 days Strenuous Snowman Trek. During the Snowman Trek, the route takes you as high as 5200m above sea level and this makes the Snowman trek the most Amazing and difficult Trek in the World. The trekking routes given here should not be used as navigation, this is just a general guide.

Bhutan offers the most popular trekking routes. The Trekking routes like Chomolhari Trek and Laya Gasa Trek provide an opportunity to see Snow leopard the Ghost of Himalayas, Himalayan Black bear, Takin, and many flora and Fauna. This makes this trek most popular in Bhutan from all trekking in Bhutan. Most of the explorers choose these beautiful routes. It’s not difficult and the Altitude is friendly.


The course additionally offers the adventurers to see mountain marmot, Squirrel, Blue sheep dashing the delightful mountain inclines, and many more. During Bhutan Trek, you will go through the high Mountain village of Nomadic yak herders and experience the mountain tunes when you camp close to the village of the herders. This is the best chance to see them move the night away.

Best time to Trek in Bhutan
The best time to Trek in Bhutan is Spring and Autumn. Picture of Phobjikha valley taken in April


The best trekking season in Bhutan is Spring and Autumn. The Spring season begins from March to June and autumn from September to November. All trekking is not possible in this season. Due to heavy snowfall on high passes, the treks like Laya Gasa Trek and Snowman trek have only 4 months of the trekking season. Some low altitude trekking like Samtegang trek and Bumthang Owl trek can be done all year round.

If you are on a tight budget then consider choosing the lean season where the daily tariff is less. The trekking cost during these months is lower. The following is the rundown of Trek you can pick with the greatest months to travel.


Bhutan trekking packages start from 4 days trekking Tours to long 30 days treks, guided by a professional. Some trekking routes are difficult and challenging but some are easy and beautiful. Some Trekking Days can be shortened as per the preference of the trekkers. These Trekking packages can be customized. You can also combine your cultural tour with trekking.

Most of the trekking packages are a combination of a festival tour, Cultural tour or adventure tour. You can discuss with us and we might be able to combine your trekking with an exciting program.


This is 7 days trekking program in Bhutan starting from Paro and ending back at Paro. The highlight of this trek is Camping near the base of the mighty snow-capped Jumolhari Mountain, meeting the nomadic herders, and see the Yak in the mountains followed by a traditional Hot stone bath.

Jumolhari trekking and Hiking give you the opportunity to experience both Hotel accommodation and camping in the sirene Mountains of Bhutan. The package offers both Trekking and a Cultural tour of Bhutan.

The itinerary includes a visit to the Thimphu capital city, Paro, and Punakha the old capital of Bhutan.

TREK ROUTE of Jumolhari: Paro-Shana-Thathangka-Jangothang-Paro back via same route.

Jumolhari trek in Bhutan
Mt.Jumolhari view at Jangothang Camping


Druk path Trek is one of the finest trek routes in Bhutan connecting two villages of Paro and Thimphu. The route takes to high altitude trout-filled lake to view the most amazing Mt. Jumolhari and Mt.Gangkar Puensum. This is the ancient route between Paro and Thimphu before the modern road took over. The route ends at Thimphu with the last day camping at Phajoding monastery overlooking Thimphu valley.

ROUTE of Drukpath Trek: Paro-Jele Dzong-Simkota-Phajoding-Thimphu

Start of Drukpath Trek in Bhutan
Start of Drukpath Trek


If you are a lover of Adventure, Snowman Trek is the best to suit your dream trek. It is the longest trekking trail of Bhutan that extends from Nomadic Laya Village to the high Bhutanese Himalayas. Snowman Trek is one of the hardest trekking trails one can trek due to severe weather, Trekking duration, and High altitude Camping.

One of the most challenging Trek in Bhutan crossing over 13 Himalayan passes as high as 5200m and camping in the remotest village of lunana. The trek begins from Paro and ends at Bumthang.

Snowman TREK ROUTE: Paro-Shana,Thathangka-Jangothang,Lingshi village to Chebisa,shomuthang to robluthang,lemithang-laya village-rhodophu-tarina-woche-lhedi-thanza-tsorim-gangkarpuensumbase camp-gesewoma-warathang-Dur Hotspring-tshogchenchen-Dur-Jakar Town.

Snowman trek in Bhutan
Lunana Lake found during Snowman TREK


It is 3 days of easy Trekking in central Bhutan passing through an alpine forest of unspoiled natural beauty. This is an easy trek that can be done all year round. The best time to trek Owl Trek is late spring and Autumn. You will enjoy the blooming of rhododendrons along the trekking routes and a view of wild avians such as Tragopan.

Bumthang Owl TREK ROUTE: Bumthang-Ngangmonastery-Ugyencholing monastery-Jakar Town.

Bumthang Owl Trek, short trek of Bhutan
Kurjey Temple just before the Bumthang Trek


Wild east Rodungla Trek is short 4 days Bhutan trekking in the remote eastern region. This Trek of Bhutan offers the best of nature covering the most unexplored eastern Bhutan routes of ancient travelers. CHECK THIS TRIP

Trekking Map of Bhutan
Eastern Bhutan Rodungla Trek Map

Rodongla Route: Bumthang-Ngangmonastery-Ugyentsholing monastery-Phokpey-Pemi-Khaine monastery-Tangmachu-Menji-Pemi-Tashiyangtse


Most enchanting trek of 15 days in Bhutan. Visit Northern Bhutan Nomadic people of Laya with bamboo weaved hat and camping at the Tibetan border is the highlight of this trek in Bhutan. The route follows the ancient trade route of Bhutanese people with Tibetan nomads for the exchange of goods and services when salt was rare in Bhutan. The route is still used by Nomads from the North. FIND THE TRIP

Laya Trek Route: Paro-Shana-Thathangka-Jangothang-Lingshi-Chebisa-Shomuthang-Robluthang-Lemithang-Laya village-Koina-Gasa Hotspring-Punakha.

Laya Gasa Trek in Bhutan
Koina Bridge after crossing Laya Village


The latest trek opened in eastern Bhutan. This course (somewhere in the range of 1500m and 4100m) crosses through the semi-itinerant towns of Gengu (3400m), Merak (3500m), Sakteng (2800m), Thakthi (2200m), and Joenkhar (1700m). The most ideal approach to do this trekking is entering from eastern Bhutan. The trip lies in ensured untamed life asylum of Sakteng Wildlife.  THE TRIP OVERVIEW

Merak Trek Route: Chaling-Damnongchu-Merak-Miktsateng-Sakteng-Jyonkharteng-Phongmey-Trashigang.

Merak and Sakteng Trekking in Bhutan
Nomadic people of Merak and Sakteng

Yaktsa Trek (Jumolhari Loop Trek):

This is 6 days trek in Bhutan covering the Jumolhari base camp returning via an alternative route through Bontela pass instead of returning via the same route. This is a moderate trekking route in Bhutan and also popular.

Dagala Thousand Lake Trekking:

This is one of the most beautiful trekking in western Bhutan. The trekking starts from the South of Thimphu and ends at Chamgang north of Thimphu. You may not see a thousand lakes but there are many Crystal clear Lake found during the trek.

Dagala Trekking in Bhutan
Dagala Trekking Camp Site

Dur Hotspring Trek:

The highlight of this trek is the natural hot spring found on the way. You may find few locals dipping themselves into the Natural Hot Spring of Dur and it is believed to have the best medical value for backache, skin disease, and many benefits. This is also the old route to Gangkar Puensum. The trek starts from Bumthang central Bhutan and ends at Bumthang only.

Dur Hotspring Trek
View of Mt. Kanchenjunga from the Trekking Routes


The cost of trekking in Bhutan is fixed by the government based on low volume and high impact Bhutan tourism policy, despite that the trek cost also varies depending on the following reason.

  1. Group Size
  2. Trekking Duration
  3. Selection of Trekking Routes
  4. Trekking Season


The government of Bhutan has made mandatory daily tariff for all tourist traveling to Bhutan for trekking. The tariff starts from $250 for peak season to $ 200 for the lean season. The cost looks expensive. Despite this high price for trekking, Individual trekking costs will be much higher than the fixed daily tariff. The cost will come with an additional $40 surcharge per day.

For groups of 2 pax, the daily surcharge of $ 30 per person per day will be applicable and Groups exceeding 2 pax and above do not have to pay the surcharge and the daily charge fixed by the Government will be applicable. For groups exceeding 15 people 100% discount will be offered to the team leader.


Bhutan Trekking cost depends on trekking duration. Bhutan offers a trekking package from 3 days short trek to 30 days strenuous trek of the snowman. As mandated by the government after 14 days 50% discount will be offered from daily royalty to individual persons if the trekking duration exceeds more than 14 days. The exact cost of trekking will be given only upon the confirmation of the Trekking package.

Please note Discount for some trekking will is not given as it involves lots of extra planning from the usual normal trekking routes. Like Snowman Trek and Laya Gasa trek, we use a highly trained professional Guide accompanied by an assistant Guide. Though Bhutan is considered an all-year-round destination for trekking, we cannot follow this mandate for trekking costs. Bhutan Trek Cost is fixed based on peak season and lean season.


The trek cost also depends on the season and here is how the cost is calculated. The trekking season in Bhutan is reasonably short and starts from March 15th to May 30 and 15th September to October 30. This period is regarded as the best time to trek because during this time weather is clear most of the time in the trek.

A daily surcharge of USD 40 will be applicable for individual trekkers and USD 30 per person per day for groups of 2 people. A 25% discount is offered for students between the age of 12 to 25 years. 50% child discount is given for children between 6 to 12 years and no daily tariff will be charged for children below 6 years. Only a visa cost of 40$ will be charged.

Lean Season for Trekking

You cannot trek all routes in the lean season because Bhutan experience heavy rainfall which makes the trekking routes difficult and during winter, the cold and heavy snowfall at high altitude makes the trek not accessible.

Find the list of Trek you can do during the lean season.

  1. Dagala Thousand Lake Trek
  2. Samtengang Winter Trek in Bhutan
  3. Bumthang Owl Trek
  4. Rodangla Trek

We can suggest just this trekking in Bhutan for the lean season which you can do serenely on the grounds that this doesn’t include any risky zones.


Apart from getting a normal visa for Bhutan, some trek routes require a special permit from the Royal Bhutan Army as this involves trekking through restricted areas. Getting a special permit for trekking will be pre-arranged for all trekkers who have booked with us. Getting Bhutan Visa for trek requires the confirmed trek itinerary. The visa is approved based on the trek itinerary. Any changes in Bhutan Visa during the trek is not possible. Therefore while planning a trek in Bhutan we advise you to check with us the detail about trekking in Bhutan.


Your success in trek will depend on professionalism of trekking guide. We carefully select our guide for trekking in Bhutan as this involves many unexpected issues due to high altitude and remoteness of the trek. Our trekking guides are well trained in high altitude emergency first aid, if the clients fall sick during the trek.

Trekking Guide of Bhutan
Sylvia and her Friend posing with Guide Bijay


You can get into Bhutan by flight or by overland road from India. Flights to Bhutan from India operate from Delhi, Kolkatta, Bagdogra, and Guwahati.

The airline also flies from Singapore, Thailand, Dhaka and Kathmandu.

Another option to enter Bhutan is by road from west Bengal. If you have an extended plan to Visit North India this will be the perfect route to enter India after Bhutan Tour or vice versa.


Bhutan flights operate from many major cities like Delhi, Kolkatta, Singapore, Bangkok, and Kathmandu. It is very easy to book your tickets to Bhutan from these major cities. You can either book your tickets using a credit card or let me book for you. Check the details of the Bhutan flights Schedule and fare. Check the Flights Schedule here

There is no seat allocation in Bhutan Airlines and if you have any seat preference you need to get it while check-in through the counter. The views of the Himalayas including the highest Mountain are amazing from the left side of the seat from Delhi to Paro flight. I have personally experienced this and I would recommend you.


Only Drukair operates Domestic flights in Bhutan. Bhutanese people hardly take flights as an option due to the high fare and operation is peak during tourist season. Domestic routes are from Paro to Bathpalathang Bumthang, Paro to Gaylegphu, and Paro to Yonphula.

If you want to avoid long drives you can take a one-way flight which is a great opportunity to explore the aerial view of central Bhutan. The view of Punakha Dzong from the air is mesmerizing.


3 reasons why you should choose Bhutan for trekking over Nepal.

  • The country has a unique unexplored trek route where nature still breathes nature, whereas Nepal TREK ROUTE is crowded with backpackers and other mountain climbers.
  • Bhutan does not have any tea house or lodges on the trek route and its completely remote with no modern structure which makes the trekkers experience more of nature than the modern touch. All our trek routes are off the beaten.
  • Its private Trek accompanied by the private cook, Guide, Porter, and pony. You will not join any group trek in Bhutan unless you plan your trek in a group. This makes the trek more comfortable taking your own pace and without having to adjust with other groups.

Trekking in Nepal

If you plan to Trek In Nepal, you are in the right place because the Country is the hub for trekkers around the world. Nepal has the most beautiful Trek routes in the world with the highest Mountain located in the world. Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek is the highlight of Nepal Trekking.

Trekking in Nepal. Trek the highest Mountains of Nepal
A close view of Mount Everest, the one and only highest point a human can stand on our planet.

Why you should consider Nepal for Trekking?

4 Reason why Trek in Nepal

  • You can set your own Budget for Nepal trekking unlike Bhutan, the Country has a fixed daily tariff and cannot compromise on the cost. Nepal trekking is wallet-friendly trekking.
  • No need to worry about your overnight camping because Nepal has plenty of cheap and comfortable overnight camping Houses where you can choose to crash overnight.
  • You can backpack your ways to Everest base camp trek without using the Tour operator but in Bhutan, the Trek is all Guided Trek and no backpackers allowed. Using a Tour operator in Bhutan is mandatory but in Nepal, you can choose your own Budget Trek.
  • Nepal Visa is granted upon arrival for many nations around the world and that makes the traveler hassle-free whereas in Bhutan the Visa needs to be applied in advance for a Trekking tour.


Getting into Nepal is very easy as many international flights operate directly to Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will get your Bhutan Visa upon arrival at the airport. If you have pre-arranged for pick up, our guide and driver will be there to receive you at the airport and drive you to the Hotel.


Meet our Bhutan Trekking team from Bhutan,Nepal and Tibet tour expert
Our team from Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet on their FAM trip to Bhutan

Our US Partner

JAMIN Lee YORK: He lived in Tibet for 12 years before he returned to his homeland in Seattle America. He can read and speak fluent Tibetan and Chinese and have traveled to nooks and corner of the Tibetan plateau during his stay in Tibet. His knowledge about getting around Tibet and Tibet Tourism Policy is well versed and highly appreciated by travelers around the world.

Jamin have lead the groups from the Nat Geo team in Tibet in 2013. You can find his blog for information to book the tour in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The blog recommends only the local tour operator for Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Check his website The Land of Snows.

He personally leads two small groups of high-end clients to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan every year. The group is not more than 12 people. If you wish to join this small-group tour to these amazing 3 countries of the Himalayas drop us the mail. We already started receiving mail for the 2022 fall season booking.

Our Nepal Partner

ASHOK SAHI: He is based in Kathmandu Nepal and he looks after our groups touring in Nepal. Mr. Ashok makes sure that our guest enjoys the best Nepal Tour and looks after all the comforts. He believes in quality service and never in mass tourism. If you are lucky enough to get him as a guide then your tour of Nepal is complete. He is a busy man.

Our Bhutan Partner

MINDU DORJI: The CEO of the company based in Bhutan. He has been arranging quality Bhutan Journey and trekking for more than 12 years. With his experience and knowledge about his country, he already adding his tours to neighboring countries like India. No doubt his Company is growing at a fast rate.

Combining Trekking in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan:

You can combine your trek in Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet because this will be your greatest opportunity to explore the three Countries in the Himalayas in one go. This will also give you the opportunity to experience the trekking routes of three different Countries in one combined tour. We have introduced the Triple Jewel of Himalayas Tour that combines Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.


Bhutan’s stunning beauty and the isolated nature of its trekking trails make the country a paradise for all Bhutan trekking lovers. It is one of the few places in the world where you can trek for days without coming across any human habitation or other trekkers. Most of the trekking routes in Bhutan are still unexplored.

Bhutan trekking by Russian couple
Bhutan is Best in Nature Trek

How to prepare for Trekking in Bhutan?

Due to the Pandemic of 2020 people want to get away from the crowds to avoid any contact. Trekking and hiking in Bhutan are slowly getting popular, as Bhutan is very popular for off-the-beaten trekking routes. Clients are more interested to explore nature than the concrete building. so it’s no surprise that trekking in Bhutan is increasingly popular. Getting prepared for trekking is absolutely important.

Treks can vary enormously in terms of daily distances, ascent, descent, and altitude, but all require specific preparation to ensure you get the maximum from your trekking trip. Treks like Snowman Trek(27 Days), Laya Gasa Trek can be challenging and without proper training, you will not enjoy your adventure in Bhutan.

Our 9 trekking training tips — including advice on trekking equipment, nutrition, hydration, and specific trekking training — will help you prepare correctly for your trek so that you’re not left with nursing blisters and sore legs after the first day.

1.Begin your Trekking Training early before you start your trek in Bhutan:

Even if your trekking days are 12 months it’s never too early. The more fit you are more enjoyable your trekking in Bhutan will be. Focus your trekking training on these three main areas. Cardiovascular training, Stamina, Leg Strength, and Flexibility. Leg Strength and stamina will definitely help trekkers to carry essential backpacks and long hours of walk.

2.Altitude Climb and Sickness:

Trekking routes in Bhutan have high mountain passes and many fall victim to mountain sickness. It is important to practice climbing high altitudes at your own place if you have or take a few days upon arrival in Bhutan for acclimatization. Do not hurry to start the trek. Give your body to adjust to the altitude of Bhutan.

3.Choose the Correct clothing and footwear for trekking:

Getting correct clothing and footwear is important while trekking in Bhutan. You don’t want to burden yourself with heavy uncomfortable clothes and shoes that prick you every step you take. Get the correct hiking boots with ankle protection. Make sure that your trekking boots are thoroughly broken in and your feet have bedded in — the time for blisters is now, not during your trek. When purchasing your boots, try to shop in the afternoon when your feet have expanded slightly so that you get the correct size. After getting your equipment practice at least 1 to 2 hours wearing the boots. Cotton pants with rain protection jackets will do the magic.

4.Get proper good quality walking socks:

Get the quality cotton socks that match with boots, wear the same socks that you intend to use in Bhutan Trek. Look for materials such as Coolmax that have sweat-wicking properties.

5.Train yourself to walk at least 5 to 6 hours daily:

Most of the Bhutan trek involves 5 to 6 hours of daily walk and it’s important to train your body and mind to reach this goal. Training on the treadmill or taking a day hike with at least 10 Kgs of the backpack will built your body for the trek.

Learn to use walking Poles: Using walking poles is not for the weak ones but to protect your knees while descending gives support to your thighs and knees. Walking people will also help you to clear paths or at times protect from wild animals.

6.Stay Hydrated throughout your trek:

Our team will make sure that you carry a good amount of drinking water or Juice to keep yourself hydrated. You can carry this in your backpack.


More injuries during the trek occur due to a lack of flexibility. We always recommend stretching properly before and after your workouts and after hiking on the actual trek.

Bhutan Travel Tours

Besides trekking, you can do a cultural tour combined with your Trekking activity. Our Bhutan Tour and Trekking Packages start from 1 day Tiger Nest Hike to 22 days Wilderness tour of Bhutan. All our Bhutan Tour and Travel Packages are private and you do not join any groups. We can also customize your tour with festivals, Adventures like rafting, cycling, or Bird watching.


Which trekking Route is the shortest in Bhutan?

Gangtey Trek in Bhutan is the shortest trek route which can be done all year round. It is one day Trek around the village in central Bhutan.

How can i apply Visa for TREKKING IN BHUTAN?

After you confirm your trek in Bhutan we process your Visa upon receipt of full payment. We guarantee that your Bhutan Visa will be emailed to you once it is approved by the Immigration office. No other foreign embassy can process your Visa for Bhutan.

What kind of accommodation will i be provided during the trek?

You will be provided with a sleeping tent with a comfortable mat and all comfortable necessities. Since there is no lodges or tea house on the route, therefore, all the trekking routes are completely supported by the trekking and camping teams.

Which short trek do you recommend?

Ans: As per our past client feedback we recommend Jumolhari Base Camp Trek, Druk Path Trek and Dur Hotspring Trek for the said duration. This trek combines with cultural sightseeing around Bhutan.

Is the trekking safe in Bhutan?

Trekking in Bhutan does not include any risky climbs or dangerous routes. The trekking is completely safe. Of course, high altitude sickness is a frequent danger for the guest who is not well prepared for the trek but this is well-taken care of before we begin the trek. I provide a well-trained guide to handle mountain sickness and basic medical emergency help during the trek.

Book my trek through Bhutan Trekking Agency only?

Yes, Bhutan does not allow backpackers or Independent travelers because you need to pre-book your Bhutan trekking packages in advance with the licensed tour operator. You will get your Visa in advance upon confirmation.

Can Indian national allowed to trek in Bhutan?

Yes, they can only trek Drukpath and Short day Hikes in Bhutan.

How difficult is the trek to Tiger Nest?

Tiger nest temple is most probably the famous sight in Bhutan. It is the Taj Mahal of Bhutan. Coming to difficulty in trekking the tiger nest temple, its leisure 3 hours uphill walk for amateur and just 2 hours walk for the veteran. You can take a pony ride to the cafe if you can’t walk uphill. While returning, a downhill walk just takes 1.5 hours provided you have a good knee.

Read more information about Bhutan Trekking Holidays and Cost?


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  • Daily Temperature
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