Tips on How to Plan Trekking in Bhutan

What’s the best way to pack for Bhutan Trek?

Travel Gear: While trekking in Bhutan, it is very important to pack lightly no matter how long your trip is or where you are planning to go, it is always essential to pack with minimal amounts of clothes and other supplies. One medium-large backpack or rolling duffel and a day pack should be enough for a 2-4 week trip. Before getting on the plane, we recommend walking around the block several times with your bags and to see how it feels. If it feels heavy, then it would be wise to take out any nonessential items.

Trekking in Bhutan

One day Tiger nest Hike,the secret temple in Paro

Here are the essentials to pack for trekking in Bhutan

  • 1 pair of Hiking Boots/Sturdy Sneakers
  • Sleeping Bag and insulation pad
  • Ground cloth or tarp (recommended but not required)
  • Rain Gear (waterproof pants and jacket)
  • Towel
  • 3-5 T-Shirts
  • 1 Lightweight Fleece or Wool Sweater
  • 2 Pairs of Nylon pants
  • 5-7 Pairs of Socks (polypropylene or wool are recommended)
  • 3-5 Pairs of Underwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal Toiletries (you may want to carry your own toilet paper and some zip-lock bags, as bathrooms may not be readily available.)
  • Personal Medication
  • Camera, Batteries and Film/Digital Memory Cards
  • Adapter and Surge Protector.
  • Light- weight thermal shirts or long underwear (recommended but not required)
  • Many of you may be wondering what type of power socket is being used in Bhutan. For Class 1 appliances, a Type 1
  • 3-pin plug and socket is being used.
Campsite at Robluthang trekking

Campsite at Robluthang during Snowman Trek

Why is it important to bring these plugs to Bhutan while Trekking in Bhutan?

For one, this age is also known as the ‘cloud-computing‘ era, meaning more and more people are bringing their electrical devices overseas to use and enjoy. Whether it be a mobile phone, palm or PDA device, laptop, or other electrical device, all these use batteries and many need to be recharged. It is very important to bring along the right pin plugs because most often, the power socket type is not the same type as in your own country. Although these plugs are just a small item, it will save you lots of time upon arrival if the right adaptors are brought.
Not only will you be needing to bring along a power socket adaptor, it is essential that you also bring a 2-pin adaptor socket to fit nicely into either a wall socket or shave socket. This type of adaptor and socket is available at your local electrical or travel shop.

People often tell us it was colder on trek than they had anticipated – please make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes particularly for night time – it can be below freezing in camp.
This list includes everything you might want on a long and high altitude trek so you may not need everything mentioned here but it should be useful as a list of ideas to consider – ask us if you need help.

General Information on Bhutan Trekking

  • Rucksack or kit bag to put overnight trekking kit in for horses to carry (may get a bit beaten up)
  • Waterproof sac to put over your day pack and plastic bags to help segregate and organize things in kit bag
  • Day pack (30 litre or so) to carry things you want access to during the day
  • Sleeping bag – 3 season up to about 3000 metre, 4 season above that
  • Silk liner for extra warmth
  • Thermarest inflating mattress (if you feel you need extra padding – thin mattresses are provided)
  • Inflatable pillow (if you find it more comfortable to have a head support when sleeping on flat ground)

What to wear during Bhutan Trek?

  • Clothing  (generally, layers of clothing make sense as temperature changes regularly)
  • Trekking trousers
  • Fleece pants or tracksuit to wear in camp
  • T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirt
  • Thermal underwear (top and bottom) for night use


  • Down jacket if above 3500 meters
  • Fleece
  • Windproof jacket
  • Waterproofs
  • Scarf and gloves


  • Hiking boots (should be water repellent)
  • Sandals or trainers for use in camp
  • Thick hiking socks and silk sock liners to guard against blisters
  • Gaiters if trekking close to the monsoon season or in snow


  • Broad brimmed hat or baseball cap for sun during the day with bandana for shading the neck
  • Woollen hat or balaclava for evenings
  • Polarising sunglasses – best to have the ones with side covers.
  • Mosquitoes repellent cream.


  • Walking poles
  • Head torch with spare batteries and bulbs
  • Washing line
  • Small knife
  • Water bottles (preferably metal)
  • Dextrose tablets, snack bars and energy drinks


  • Medicine for diarrhoea eg Immodium
  • Rehydration sachets eg Dioralyte
  • Paracetamol or Nurofen
  • Plasters and Compeed for blisters
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Strepsils, Lemsip, cold and flu medicine
  • Sting relief and Insect repellent

Toiletries etc

  • Travel towel and sponge
  • Soap and biodegradable liquid for laundry
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toilet paper, tissues, wet wipes
  • Sun cream (including total sun block)
  • Lip salve
  • Iodine tablets – or you can just use boiled water and on shorter treks mineral water
  • Tweezers
  • Camera, film and polarizing filter

Books, iPod, playing cards and other diversions for evenings.

Koina Bridge after crossing Laya Village

Best Trekking Season is Spring and Autumn

Best time to trek Bhutan

Most of the high altitude trek are very risky during summer and Peak winter months. The summers in Bhutan receives heavy rainfall and trekking is not fun and routes are all muddy,difficult for trekkers and horse to ply. The winters are below freezing point and some trekking routes are almost 5000m like Snowman Trek and this routes are closed due to heavy snowfall and can be very risky. Therefore the best month to Trek is early Spring and Autumn.

Best Trekking month in Bhutan

Spring Season( March, April, May)

Autumn Season( late September, October and November)

The weather remains very favorable with clear blue sky and dry trekking routes and best visible mountain views. Most of the camping site have amazing views.

Bhutan Trekking Cost

The Trekking cost will depend upon minimum daily tariff which is government policy of Low volume and high impact tourism slogan. The tariff starts from USD 200 for lean season to USD 250 per person per night. This cost covers all your expenditure during trek like sleeping tent,service of the cook, Trek Guide and all meals. All trek route in Bhutan are unexplored and there is no tree house or hotels on this excursion.We charge according to the Government levied tariff.

Tiger nest Hike

A day Hike to Tiger Nest Monastery by Mike and his wife


Drukpath Trek 12 Days starting from $2790PP

The Druk Path Trek is a 6-day mild trek. This trek is widely known for its breathtaking views as you traverse the chain of mountains that divides the Paro valley from the Thimphu. This tour is also best known for its remarkable woods of rhododendron and astonishing lakes of high altitude, full of fish.

Jumolhari Basecamp Trek Starting from $3290PP

Traveling to Bhutan and encountering this trek is unique. You will move as high as 4115 meters with a terrific view Mount Jumolhari (7314 M) and a chance to see snow leopard if fortunate.Find more

Dur Hotspring Trek for 16 Days starting from $3790PP

This is one of Bhutan’s most difficult open treks. This travel is especially renowned for its natural aquifers, perhaps the Himalayan’s most marvelous underground aquifers. Certainly Dur Hot Spring Trek is for any nature lover and cherishes the cultural, religious and historical aspects as you travel to this Himalayan Kingdom.

Yaksa Trek 14 Days starting from starting from $3290PP

Soi Yaksa Trek in Bhutan is yet another wonderful and breathe taking tour in Bhutan. The trek is loaded with lovely landscape with some elevations as high as 4700 m with a breathtaking view of Mount Jomolhari and other pinnacles of the Himalayas.

Jewel of the East Merak and Saktang Trek starting from $3290PP

Recently opened trek in eastern Bhutan, this trek covers the remote village of Merak and Sakteng and gives us the opportunity to experience the daily nomadic life this two village.

How to prepare for Trekking in Bhutan?

Most short Treks like Drukpath Trek, Dagala Thousand Lake Trek, Jumolhari Trek and Cultural Trek does not involve long hour walk and does not demand for physical endurance.  Therefore daily exercise of 1 hour jogging, few body fitness like lifting light weight will prepare your body to face the challenge for this trek. Most of this trekking involves only 3 to 4 hours of daily leisure hike.

Packing for essential item for this kind of trek are all basic. You can pack light and A pair of walking stick, comfortable shoes, Sunglass, sunscreen lotion to protect you from high altitude Sunrays and quality socks will be good to start and complete the trek

Challenging Treks like Snowman Trek, Laya Gasa Trek, Jumolhari Round Trek can be hard and you need good physical stamina.You need to train yourself hard if you plan to trek as this involves 7 to 8 hours of daily walk for several days crossing the Altitiude of 2300m to as high as 5300m on snow clad mountains. Try hitting Gym everyday and 1 hour of cardio with light weight lifting will help to challenge this trek.

Drukpath Trek

Clients with our Trekking Team during 2nd day of Drukpath Trek


1.Why should one choose Bhutan for trekking?

Bhutan is considered trekking destination because its one of the most unexplored trekking routes with most beautiful land scape. No hotels or tree house on the trekking routes and its completely away from the hustle and bustle of city life. the camping equipments are all carried on horse.

2. Which are the best Treks in Bhutan?

Considering the guest feedback the best treks are Drukpath Trek, Dur Hotspring Trek,Dagala thousand lake Trek and Bumthang Owl Trek are the best booked trekking in Bhutan.

3.While in Bhutan can i extend my trekking?

Yes upon paying the daily tariff you can always extend your trekking in Bhutan. You need to inform atleast 2 or 4 days ahead so that tour operator can extend your Visa.

4.What kind of Hotel accommodation like in Bhutan?

Your package includes 3 star Hotel approved by Tourism council of Bhutan. The hotels are clean with attached bathroom with tea and coffee machine. If you have any choice of luxury hotel you can be booked upon paying extra cost.

5. What kind of trekking equipments used for Bhutan Trek?

All our trekking equipments are imported and are best suited for weather condition of Bhutan. We use brands like North face for our Trekkers in Bhutan.

6.How do i get Visa for Bhutan Trek?

Once you confirm the trekking package with us you need to send us your passport copy and filled visa form with confirmed dates. As soon as we receive the full payment we shall process your visa and same will be emailed to you. The visa approval letter issued from foreign ministry of Bhutan will be mailed to you and you need to show this latter while boarding the plane. Your actual visa shall be stamped upon arrival in Paro International Airport.

7.How much does it cost for Trek in Bhutan?

The daily tariff of USD 250 per person will cover your trekking expenses but this will depend upon number of people traveling in the group. You can mail us for trekking cost as the price will vary from the trek package.

8. What is the best month to trek in Bhutan?

Usually there are few treks where you can trek all year round but best month to trek to view the best landscape would be from March to June and September to December.

9. Which trek takes you to highest altitude in Bhutan?

Snowman trek in Bhutan is considered the highest and hardest because of its high altitude and long duration to complete this trek. This trek remains open only for 4 months(April,May,October and November) due to heavy snowfall which blocks the trekking routes. This is also the longest trek in Bhutan.

10.Which is the most beautiful trek in Bhutan?

The most beautiful trek in Bhutan is Drukpath Trek (5days Trek). The rating is done as per the feedback from our clients.

11. Do i need Guide for Bhutan Trek?

Yes you need guide and all Bhutan Trek or Bhutan Tour is guided tour. No backpackers are allowed in Bhutan.

12.How early can i book this trekking package in Bhutan?

The minimum time we need to have is 1 month. You can book atlas a month ahead of your date of travel.

13. What is the cancellation Policy if i have to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances?

Please refer our cancellation policy for the TREK. click here.

NOTE: If you need any more information regarding Trek in Bhutan or Trek cost please mail us at

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