How Has Corona Virus affected the Tourism Industry of Bhutan?

As we all know the outbreak of COVID – 19 has to lead to a very extensive threat to the global travel and tourism industry. According to the reports Bhutan had 5 cases of COVID – 19 to date and all these cases are imported one and no community transfer to date. The Bhutanese travel market has been seriously affected by it.

Bhutan’s tourism industry contributes more than 9% to the counties GDP, earning the highest hard foreign currency reserves and providing the highest employment opportunities in the country. But the outbreak has lead to enormous cancellations of flights and tours to Bhutan and caused multi–million dollar losses in the travel industry.

According to the update by Kuensel, Drukair had more than 600 canceled tickets by February 19 and had already lost more than 20 Million Ngultrum to date. Hoteliers are having a tough time coping with the situation as updated by The Bhutanese, Mr. Sangay (Manager); Hotel Migmar revealed that there had been 295 room cancellations during the peak tourist season and some of them are already burdened with loans.

A large number of industries have been affected by it and the major concern is the primary health of the people. So the county is in lockdown for the past 1 month now.

If you have or had booked a trip to Bhutan we shall be obliged to reschedule your travel to Bhutan in near future rather than canceling them, you will be helping us to survive this situation by postponing your trip to Bhutan.

The authorities haven’t indicated clearly but we believe that the lockdown won’t be opening soon. There might be a chance of Bhutan being open if the situation in India improves.

Bhutan is dedicated to safeguarding the lives and health of the people so all the tourism visas starting from 6th March onwards have been suspended until further notice. We are following up on any prospects when tourism might reopen. Until then you can reschedule your trip to Bhutan.

Accommodations in Bhutan? 

Lodgings in Bhutan are appraised by a National 5 Star rating Framework. All Visit Administrators are required to furnish their visitors with a base of 3 Star lodging so you can be guaranteed your solace. Most lodgings give their visitors TV, Room Administration, Wellness Focuses, Spas and Wi-fi. Anyway the specific administrations available will fluctuate from lodging to inn.

So as to guarantee that all guests to Bhutan receive excellent facilities and administrations we have started a 5-Star Rating Framework that groups the different lodgings and resorts working in the nation.

The framework is alluded to as the ‘Lodging Star Framework’ and it positions the facilities on a size of 1-5 stars dependent on a thorough arrangement of rules.

In view of this rating framework, foundations are ordered into:

·         Farmhouses

·         Home-remains

·         Resorts

·         Inns/Hotels

·         Guesthouses

Also guests setting out on long treks will be furnished with tents and whatever other outdoors hardware is considered fundamental. Despite where they remain, guests can be guaranteed of their solace and customary Bhutanese neighborliness.

A wide assortment of convenience is accessible running from extravagant 5-star inns to comfortable little lodgings and home stays in conventional Bhutanese homes and settings. Guests can be guaranteed of their glow and solace of the inns. Thus, the atmosphere and neighborliness offered by the lodgings are mind boggling.

Farm Houses

Remaining in a Bhutanese homestead house is out an alternate encounter. It is a chance to get a firsthand encounter of normal village life in Bhutan. Aside from certain alterations done to cultivate houses’ cleanliness and sanitation offices, the rest continues as before.

Homestead houses are for the most part bright customary Bhutanese houses worked with mud and stones with no nails. Prior the ground floor of the house filled in as safe house for dairy cattle however now it is utilized as a store for the family. This was a transition to improve a family unit’s sanitation and cleanliness.  The upper floor of the ranch houses normally has a major kitchen likewise utilized as a lounge room, an altar (supplication room), a store and a bed room.


Home stays in Bhutan offer a one of a kind encounter to voyagers visiting the nation and ought to be among the top activities in Bhutan. The most ideal approach to investigate and get the valid social experience is by picking to remain in one of the farmhouses which offer home stay. On the off chance that you are the sort who is interested about how local people approach their day by day lives, you would appreciate each movement that you get the opportunity to do and involvement with a home stays. What’s more, also going through a night or two at a farmhouse offers a legitimate encounter of the customary Bhutanese lifestyle. You can experience the day by day existence with of the Bhutanese rancher be it agitating margarine promptly in the first part of the day or working next to each other in the fields.

The families have been handpicked by our administrator Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited and will offer the most ideal connection with the nearby Bhutanese. 

Resorts and Hotel

Seen as genuinely extraordinary in Bhutan, the structure and building of the lodgings are animated by the recorded style of the area. The insides are planned to remember the nearby expressions and specialties. We have an exceptionally wide range from 5-star inn to budgetary lodgings throughout the nation offering you will all the choices which are viewed as crucial. From your bed to the housing accommodations, within and outside the structure, the sustenance, and the warm assistance, we are persistently careful to consider your necessities and to familiarize you with the country’s history and customs.

Guest Houses

Bhutan offers a wide decision of convenience alternatives, from comfortable Bhutanese guesthouses to sumptuous retreats. We suit our visitors in just the best lodgings and guesthouses that have been painstakingly chosen for their solace, administration, mood, food, pleasantries, tidiness, and the executives. We can blend and match convenience to suit any schedule. 

Food in Bhutan

The most particular quality of Bhutanese cooking is its spiciness. Chilies are a fundamental piece of each dish and are considered so significant that most Bhutanese individuals would not appreciate a dinner that was not zesty.

Rice frames the principle assortment of most Bhutanese dinners. It is joined by a couple of side dishes comprising of meat or vegetables. Pork, hamburger, and chicken are the meats that are eaten frequently. Vegetables ate incorporate Spinach, pumpkins, turnips, radishes, tomatoes, waterway weed, onions, and green beans. Grains, for example, rice, buckwheat and grain are likewise developed in different areas of the nation relying upon the neighborhood atmosphere

Some of the Bhutanese cuisines are

Ema Datshi– This is the National Dish of Bhutan. A fiery blend of chilies and the delightful neighborhood cheddar known as Datshi. This dish is a staple of almost every supper and can be found all through the nation. What’s more, as you enter the nation this is must dish you should attempt.

Red Rice – This rice is like earthy colored rice and is incredibly nutritious and filling. At the point when cooked it is pale pink, delicate and marginally clingy.

Phaksha Paa – Pork cooked with fiery red chillis. This dish can likewise incorporate Radishes or Spinach. A well known variety utilizes sun-dried (known as Sicaam).

Norsha Paa – Beef cooked with red hot red chillis and potatoes. It very well may be similarly consolidate radishes and spinach and we Bhutanese are extremely partial to this dish and anybody visiting the nation must attempt this delectable dish.

Fast foods in Bhutan

Bhutan doesn’t have any universal establishment, for example, KFC, Mc Donald’s, pizza cottages and so forth… yet we do have privately arranged burgers, singed chickens and others. This cheap food is melded with the Bhutanese taste of heat and different variables which causes you to feel the Bhutanese pith in the flavor of this nourishment.

Additionally we do have different cooking styles, for example, Italian, Mainland, Indian and so forth…