Excursions to the Himalayas provide you with very unique and handcrafted luxury tours to Bhutan. We provide you with world-class best luxury resorts and hotels with carefully chosen room categories, expert guides with a wealth of knowledge. We also make sure that you have the best luxury travel plan and private luxury transportation throughout the country.

Daily tariffs do not cover the cost of luxury hotels in Bhutan. Daily tariff only covers your 3-star Hotel, meals, and other necessary requirements. 5-star hotels’ cost will be extra from the daily tariff. While booking the tours you need to transfer both daily tariff and extra cost for luxury accommodation.

With $250 per person per day, the hotel given is only 3-star standard. The normal package includes a full board. You can also check the normal 3-star Hotel Bhutan packages.

Bhutan Luxury Tours can offer you the best remote 5 Star luxury accommodation that pars with International luxury Hotels. Bhutan is a developing country but there are chains of luxury Hotels where guests can have the option to enjoy their stay in this Himalayan Kingdom during their tour of Bhutan.

Luxury Hotels in Bhutan.

Hotel Uma by Como:

This is an international chain of a luxury hotel that has a branch in Bhutan. Uma by Como has hotels in Paro and Punakha. Paro Uma has 29 grand rooms resorts featuring the most exclusive private Villas. The architects of Uma combine local artisanship with COMO’s contemporary style, while activities range from yoga to Himalayan camping adventures. Our Bukhari restaurant is a royal favorite.

Luxury Amankora

This is another high-end hotel whose headquarter based in Singapore. The hotel is one of the best luxury high-end hotels in Bhutan. The location of Hotels makes more luxury. Amankora has property in Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, and Bumthang. 11 days tour of Bhutan will cover all Amankora property in Bhutan.

Unique Taj Tashi:

This hotel is the branch of Taj from India. The management is run from India. The hotel is primely located in the central town of Thimphu the capital of Bhutan. Most of the Government high-end guest stays here due to its location. They only have one property now but very soon Taj chain in Punakha will be operational.

Modern Le meridian:

Le Meridian is the chain of Marriott hotels. The best hotel property of Le meridian is in Paro. It is beautifully located near the Paro river away from Paro town. They have two properties, one in Thimphu centrally located and another in Paro Bhutan.

Check the top 10 Best Hotels in Bhutan.

Bhutan Luxury Tours

All luxury tours in Bhutan are organized either by luxury hotels or by tour operators. We make sure that your stay on this property is memorable. Hotels offer lots of freebies like the message, Yoga center, Gym, and many exciting offers. Let us know your travel date and we shall plan your luxury tour.

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