paro dzong


Trip Seasons
This trip can be done through-out the year.

Trip Type
Short Cultural and spiritual Tour in Bhutan

Trip Length

Trip Cost

Tour cost starts from $790.00pp

Places Covered
Paro, Thimphu

Group Size
Available as small group/join-in or Independent.

Day Trip Outline Accommodation
Day 01 Arrive at Paro-Thimphu Rema Resort
Day 02 Thimphu Sightseeing Hotel Phuntshopelri
Day 03 Paro, Excursion to Taktsang Monastery
Day 04 See off

This four days visit to Bhutan basically gives you an idea with respect to how Bhutan is and features of this excellent little country. Most voyagers have their schedule arranged and need time for get-away and recreations and furthermore 250$ Bhutan Tour cost everyday turns out to be extravagant for the commuters yet wish to travel Bhutan, so this trip is most appropriate for them covering all the significant sites which you wouldn’t have any desire to miss when you at last get the opportunity to visit Bhutan.

Day 01 – Arrive at Paro-Thimphu (60km-1hour journey) Altitude 2700m: Your visit to Bhutan will begin with an spectacular flight to one of the most risky Air terminals on the planet. At that point a 45 minutes drive will take you to Thimphu to visit Simtokha Dzongthe oldest Dzong in Bhutan, biggest Buddha Sanctuary in Asia which overlooks the wonderful Thimphu Valley. What’s more, Make a point to hike up behind Buddha for a amazing view from above. Later at evening, walk Thimphu town and visit the handicraft shops to explore Bhutanese setting in the Himalayas.

Day 02 – Thimphu Sightseeing:

Thimphu being the capital and the biggest city in Bhutan we will explore a portion of the significant landmarks in the district, for example, the National memorial Chorten, a landmark committed to the Third Ruler of Bhutan, At that point visit the National Library, which holds a huge assortment of antiquated Buddhist scriptures followed by visit to Painting School, well known for cutting and free hand workmanship and the Folk heritage museum.

Additionally refreshing and alleviating experience, the second day Tour of Bhutan will incorporate a short hike to Cheri monastery alongside the stunning creativity of traditional crafts and textiles in handicraft Emporium.

Thimphu is probably the first landmark that you would visit making a noteworthy experience as you visit to Bhutan.

Day 03 – Paro, Excursion to Taktsang Monastery:

A unique day, with a journey to see the stupendous Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) monastery (3120m) – It is the most striking and prestigious temple in Bhutan. While you Google pictures for Bhutan, the Taktshang Monastery is presumably the first picture you would see. This fantastic cloister sticks to the edge of a sheer stone cliff that dives 900 meters into the valley underneath. A spectacular site to experience. Bewildering right?

The Tour to Bhutan in Paro has its other delightful highlights to be explored, some of which are Ta Dzong an antiquated watchtower, which currently houses the National Mesuem. Paro Rimpung Dzong a great significance of Bhutanese architecture. Bhutan Tour is once in a life time occurence that it in your bucket list and on the off chance that it’s not in your rundown, visiting Bhutan is must trip you should get ready for.

Day 04 – Early morning, get fresh and recall all the things you did in the whole visit. Your Tour to Bhutan ends here with memories to be cherished, thus many take away and goodbyes. Do visit Bhutan once more. Tashi Delek!

This tour is the shortest you can take to experience Bhutan and some of the things you need to keep in mind while booking this trip are listed below.

Cultural Considerations: Be aware that your cultural values may differ from those of locals. These may include different concepts of time, personal space, communication, etc., which are not wrong or inferior, just different. Making the extra effort to respect local customs and cultural differences will enhance your interactions with locals during your time in Bhutan and contribute to building mutual respect between locals and tourists.

Appropriate attire: Most Bhutanese are pretty conservative from our western perspective so it is always polite to wear long pants at all times (Man and Women). Women should wear long pants or skirts. Shirts should not be revealing and bras should be worn. Unfortunately, many tourists ignore these cultural norms and can be seen in towns and villages wearing shorts and revealing summer attire; while it may be comfortable, it is not appropriate, especially when visiting monasteries and Dzongs.

Itinerary Disclaimer

Generally we adhere to the original itinerary that we described but sometimes little alterations can be born due to the situations that are beyond our control. On the other hand, in order to make our trip for your personal experiences and flexible, we allowed our clients to make minor changes by discussing with us (office staff) and guide (field staff). The trip detail itinerary is a general guide to the tour and region, and any mention of specific destination or activities is by no means of guarantee that they will be encountered or carried due to sudden change in time and the local circumstances and climate.

Flights to Bhutan:

Take the early flights to Bhutan for more time in Bhutan. You have the option to spend good time so that you can start your tour upon arrival in Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa:

Getting visa for Bhutan is very easy.We just need to send filled visa form,color passport copy and confirmed flight tickets to get your visa done. Your visa just take 3 working days for approval.

Meals in Bhutan

Meals are usually provided in buffet system and most of tourist food are blend and if you need to change the foods varieties we are very open to change and you need to discuss with guide. We have Indian, Chinese and authentic Bhutanese restaurant where you can have very spicy food.

Destination Guide

Bhutan is a unique travel destination with some special considerations. It is highly recommended that you undertake some background reading before travel to Bhutan. The more you learn about your destination, the more rewarding your travel experience will be.


1.Can i take a solo trip to Bhutan?

Ans: Yes you can take this tour as a solo trip but cost may be little higher than the group you join.

2. Is it safe for woman to travel Bhutan?

Ans: Yes its completely safe for woman to travel Bhutan.

3. Can i take this as a family vacation to Bhutan?

Ans: If you love nature,culture,hikes than Bhutan is perfect place for family vacation.

4. How can i apply Bhutan Visa?

Ans:No foreign embassy can apply your visa. Only tour operator like ourself will have access to apply your visa for Bhutan.

5. What documents should i need to apply visa for Bhutan?

Ans: You need send passport scan copy in color,filled visa form and confirmed flight tickets to Bhutan for visa application.

6. Which airlines operates in Bhutan?

Ans: Only two local airline Drukair and Bhutanairlines operates in Bhutan. They operate from Bangkok,Dhaka,Kathmandu,Delhi and Kolkata.

For any Bhutan Tour Information Guide please click here.

7. What is the Bhutan Tour cancellation policy?

Ans: Here is our Our Cancellation Policy for Bhutan Tour.

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